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wrecker's prices

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hph, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Just wondering what's the average difference in prices between new OEM and parts off wrecks ?

    I'd just been quoted $45 for an old chainguard from a wrecker at silverwater while action mc quoted $57 for the new OEM :shock:

  2. Tell the wrecker you can buy a new one for $57... see what he says.
  3. Hi,

    Did you ask the wreckers what condition it was in?

    If parts are in as new condition, you will not get them that much cheaper.

    Cheers Lou
  4. generally 50% or less that the list price, unless it is rare or collectable.
  5. At my local specialist wrecker the standard price is 50% of new unles there is a generic substitute.
  6. Try Ebay. I bought a 929 fireblade shock for $15 and it's a great part, spring is still good and the damping works just like a new one. The wreckers wanted something like $350.00 Needless to say they made no money out of me.
  7. I believe wreckers either don't want to make money, or believe everyone is as stupid as them.
    I got quoted $330 for a CDI box for the KLR, and I can buy a new OEM one for $375!
    The response will be "go buy that fcuken one then".
    Sadly, judging by the number of wreckers that go out of business, I am favouring teh don't want to make money scenario.
    Honestly, if they sold a CDI box for $330, they have gotten their money back on teh bike already.
    I just buy used parts from overseas now, half price or better, even including freight.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. You bought a rear shock for 15 bucks Jake :shock: P&H cost more than that, Top score!
    Wreckers aint steeewpid, they are a business and they know bikes backwards generally. Having said that there a dying breed, few left and quarter what there used to be-least in Vic, not 4-5 years ago.
    With 1 particular wrecker, I know for a fact, if they are not 100% sure what items worth, they will just ring a dealer, get a price, and then see how close to that neighbourhood's postcode they think your prepared to move to, Ive been there when they have done it. I dont give a sheeet as long as the items cheaper and functions mechanically perfect and asthetically looks fine. As mentioned, usally 50% and ^ depending on the item.

    I personally reckon there a godsend and are pretty much my first port of call on most items :? but then again, Im a complete tigharse, :butt: just ask Loz
  9. My experience in the past few years has been closer to 75%. I used to enjoy rummaging at the wreckers but now hate it.
  10. Hot Tip ...
    It's been my experience to ALWAYS know the price of a 'new' item before calling wreckers. I have come across cases where the NEW item was CHEAPER than the same used item at the wreckers :shock:
  11. Hi

    get a few different prices mate, there is no set price list for new parts, and most of the wreckers wont know how much new is, and charge what they think they can get for it. Price can change depending on whether they are having a good or a bad day.

    If you want used parts, your best bet is findapart.com.au, an enquiery through there goes out to many of the wreckers around australia. Saves you the hassel of contacting people individually to see if they have parts, and is easy to compare prices between them when they all go straight into your email.


  12. HAHA! 50%! what planet are you from!!!

    Anything i HAD to buy form motorbike wreckers has been very close to the new product price but not nearly in as good a condition.

    and from what ive seen they have no standards or reasonable way of judging the value of the product they are selling, its just look him up and down and guess how much hes willing to spend then double it.. (yes i've been burnt :( )