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Wreckers buying price

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matressking, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Have done a search here and on google but can't find exactly what I'm after so maybe you all can help!

    Guy beside me here in work (and I have to admit, he's got me thinking) wants to get rid of his son's old bike which doesn't start and has been in their garage for about 6 months (son has gone overseas indefinitely and left it up to dad :roll:).

    In a nutshell he wants to just sell to a wrecker because he reckons it will be less hassle than getting work done on it if he wants to sell it. He asked me what he could expect to get from a wrecker but I don't know. I said I'd try to find out.

    The only details he has right now are that its a 95 Honda 250 but I've asked him to ask his son for more details.

    Is there a way to find out how much he should expect? Stupidly I emailed a wrecker and just asked but he came back to me and said "well how much do you want!"
  2. tell ur friend to take photos of it
    be very honest
    and sell it on e-bay
    you'll get a better price than at the wreckers
    and .. no honda deserves to die that way
  3. hmmm, he seems to like that idea even less than trading post! i don't think he trusts ebay!

    You reckon he'd even get a grand for it at a wreckers?
  4. Depends. If it's a '95 CB250 - unlikely.
    If it's a '95 CBR250 - maybe (but then they'd probably sell it themselves for 3k+).
  5. Dunno sorry...
    shame though
    someone somewhere will pay for it.
  6. I doubt they will give you much at all.

    If you post pics we maybe able to tell you the model.
  7. Cheers for the input guys, I think I've convinced him just to stick it up on trading post so I'll post a link if any of you want to have a look at it. I think he'll be pricing for a quick sell!
  8. i need a commuter bike.. send me some details
  9. send details this way to. Need to get something started to get the missus riding :p
  10. same let us know when its up.

    When he says it doesnt start is that like flat bat or winds but doesnt kick over?
  11. Sorry mate this guy has no idea. It's all second hand info from his son really.
  12. Sellers selling direct to a wrecker are just desperate to be rid. Wreckers know this.

    If you can get a wrecker to offer you more than $250 for anything, I shall be very surprised.
  13. i guess that makes sense. thanks for the input!
  14. If you can tell me what sort of bike it is, I might be able to give you the number of someone who would buy it.

    He is an excellent mechanic and will pay market rate for it.

    PM me is you are interested
  15. yeah... DONT DO IT. (the wrecker that is)
  16. Where bouts in sydney for those playing at home?
  17. he is in marsfield area.

    will pitch him all your offers guys but can't promise a quick answer.
  18. just around the corner from my work.. i win. could drag it home with the er6
  19. hehe definitely!

    Where you working obh? I'm in macquarie pk. The most fun i have in a day is filtering down epping Rd onto Lane Cove and laughing to myself at the people who will be stuck for 20 mins at those lights. Although I think they may have shortened the sequence in the last while.
  20. meadowbank. right next to the tafe.. i do the beecroft rd split n filter run..how much of a biatch can epping rd be..actually used to work in mac park myself at ingersoll rand next to harris tech..
    wow how romantic :smileysex: