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Wrecked my exhaust in a crash!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dalez, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Hey bros,

    The other day coming home from work and was totally blindsided by a car who cut me off and forced me into a slide down the road. I scratched hell out of my right exhaust, and since my exhaust is chrome/steel it looks terrible as the scratches are large and grainy, with lots of dints scattered around.

    I was thinking of buying a used exhaust from a wreckers, but i have called a few in brisbane and none of them had one, except for one that was over $100.

    Does anyone know where and how much i could get a used zzr 250 exhaust? Or what i could do to restore the exhaust or at least fix it up a bit.

  2. over $100 and you knocked it back??????????????????

    BUY IT!
  3. Protect your exhaust - go to http://www.amcmotorcycles.com/ and look up the RG exhaust crash protection... I had a 160km/h crash, bike slid on the exhaust side and the exhaust picked up some minor road rash. Still perfect for a track bike :)

    Oh and... you what?????????????!!?!?!?!?!?!!
  4. Why isn't the driver paying for this?

    Anyway, if you have to fix it yourself my advice is this: don't do a damn thing until you have to sell it. Who cares if you don't have a shiny exhaust? Wait until you want to offload it and THEN get it looking nice. Maybe keep an eye on the wreckers for the parts you need until one comes up at a price you can't refuse - and when you get that, keep it in the shed until you want to sell.
  5. post pics if you can (can <--- get it! sorry :oops: )
  6. +1 Loz, the big man has spoken :).
  7. the exhaust that was over $110 had been in a crash and had been badly damaged. however it had been reskinned recently so it might be in pretty good nick. Do you think they would consider a trade in for my exhaust?

    The driver isn't paying for this because he fled the scene. As did the 2 drivers that were following behind me and watched me crash (they just indicated and went around me)... Bastards :mad:

    Also, i am thinking of selling the bike in the near future so that was the reason that i wanted to make it look pretty again, and not as though its been stacked.