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Wrecked my Draggin pants (laundry problem)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fangsta, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. I know we have some laundry civvy riders out there and I need your help.

    Stuff up 1: Hot water + napisan + khaki draggins = yellow splotches.

    Stuff up 2: Draggin khaki cargos + black printer toner = poo poo.

    I've tried to wash the toner stains out but to no avail. So I have a couple of questions.

    Should I try a dry cleaner? Or does anyone have any tips (already tried napisan)
    Can I dye them black(easily or if not who can)?
    Should I move the kelvar to another set of pants?

  2. You're way off!

    Stuff-up number one: buying khaki.

    Stuff-up number two: not reading the tag that says "do not bleach".

    Stuff-up number three: setting the toner stain by washing.

    You could try using a spot cleaning spray (such as 'sard wonder spray') on the toner but I reckon it will have been set by washing it the first time.

    You can dye cotton easily - go to Spotlight/Lincraft/Cleggs, buy some dye and follow the instructions.
    Note that if the thread is synthetic (I think it will be) it won't dye. Might look ok anyway, depending on the thread colour.

    Kevlar transfer - can't see why not.

    Hope this helps,
    Rohan (laundry savvy rider)
  3. I think is may apply
  4. While I don't have a wife, I do have a Fiancee!!!

    And my stuff comes out nice and clean, all fresh and ready for when I need to use them next!!!! no stains!

    So I'll have to agree with geeth!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  5. The first thing I did after stuff up 1 was blame the missus for letting me wash my own pants.

    I did try the stain remover spray before wash, and the napisan was supposed to be a stain remover not bleach.

    Khaki also looked better for work, but yeah, black would have been more sensible. Looks like I'm dyeing pants this weekend...yeah!!!
  6. LOL geeth

    whata u doing playign with toner
  7. Napisan doesn't contain bleach, so there shouldn't be an issue with using it. Hot water tends to set stains, so that could be a problem.

    You can mix a paste of Napisan and water and apply it directly to the stain. I use a Sard Wonderstick, it's fab-u-less (which means really, really good with attitude).

    Are the yellow splotches what's left after the toner faded off? I didn't quite get that bit.

    Here's a link that might help, but I sense it may be too late for your poor draggins.
  8. Stuff up 1 happened last week, hot water.

    Stuff up 2 happened yesterday, not hot water involved.

    And yeah, I think it's too late.
  9. add more toner and make them completely black...??
  10. LMAO >.< ... should like actually manufactor those tags that we can get put onto clothing when we get into an argument.

    "The pants told me so"
  11. I'd offer a HTFU into the mix - they're for riding; it's not the pants from your tux ;)
  12. Stick with COLD water as well... can't go wrong in cold water but can go VERY wrong with hot water and some things... not sure about Draggins specifically but if you're not careful you might end up with Draggins bike shorts instead of khakis!
  13. They are my office/motorcycle pants. Saves changing when I get to work. It's only a 2min ride, so I might just wear normal pants and take it easy.
  14. Toner is plastic dust. Vacuum the mofo and if anything use cold water. I spill toner on my clothes often (I was a smurf once thanks to a busted cyan cart) and I just dusted and vacuumed it off as much as I could and it was fine after a wash (I wear khaki for my uniform).

    Otherwise, drycleaners are good - they have insurance and guarantees etc.
  15. Is that why they call you Sooty? :)
  16. Sorry to hear about your Draggins Fangsta. I'd try the dry cleaners and if that fails, I'd try dying them. I might be on the Coast this weekend if you're free on Sunday for a ride.

  17. I'm going to get my mum (good on ya mum) to "harvest" the kevlar out of the pants, and double stitch them into another set of pants, hopefully.
  18. off topic but, is it just the Kevlar that protects you? Would Draggin Jeans be any better than Draggin Chinos in a light slide for example?
  19. :rofl: Thats pure GOLD !!!