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WRC Rally Australia - Northern NSW

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Anyone interested in it ?

    Finally its on the east coast !
    Don't we have a NR resident up there who can provide hospitality ? :grin:

    I went to Rally NZ a few years ago, definitely a good event to go to - if your into WRC.
    And for $100 for a 3day pass, makes it a bargain international motorsport event to see. . . . as compared to the Melb F1 :eek:

    Anyone going or plans to ?

  2. definately be keeping an eye out.

    used to like the WRC. back before Gronholm had a dummy spit at Peugeot for making him use a hair-dresser's 307CC, when their marketing team took over the rally team and ousted the mighty 206
  3. yeah, its a pretty gay competition at the moment. No factory backed Lancer Evo or SWRT (Subaru Rally Team) competing. Due to the GFC Mitsubishi made the Lancer into a diesel powered Dakar vehicle - (it does not even look anything like the road going version) and scrapped the WRC program. SWRT just don't have the money, which is a shame because the brand was the symbol of rallying when the WRC era started and carried great names like McRae, Makkinen, Sainz, Kankkunen, Vatanen, Solberg and Burns. The current teams don't even have road going AWD 2l turbocharged versions of their competition cars ! And finally Loeb has won the championship every year since 2004 - its all kinda getting boring.

    Well done though for Events NSW in securing a world sporting event, IMHO though I think it will be a flop ! They should have bought it closer to Sydney and watch the crowds attend.
  4. Syndey motorsport fans wont even go to Eastern Creek to watch the V8's so why do you expect them to wander out to a forest to watch a bunch of overseas rally cars running past.

    Better to have it in an area that has a history of rallying.
  5. There are heaps of forestry tracks used by the amateur / local rally championships west of the blue mountains and they could have done a super-special stage inside Stadium Australia :grin:. A few years ago they had a round of the Australian Rally Championship on the central coast and they used the old container terminal at King Street Wharf to hold a 1 on 1 special stage race.

    If its a spectacular from overseas, Sydneysiders will come and watch ! Look what happens with big cruise liners and aircraft carriers enter the harbour ! :LOL:
  6. Easily amused for short periods of time :LOL:
  7. Good to see it back in Australia but its a shame the championship has gone too shi..................... French.

    Hopefully Team Ralliart and SWRT can get their act together next year.