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VIC WRBs up the guts of South Gipp Hwy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Read this little gem on the melb.moto Yahoo mailing list today...

    'Read in my local paper that VicRoads will spend $3.7 million trialling centreline wire rope safety barriers on the South Gippsland Highway at Koo Wee Rup between Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road and Sybella Avenue.

    "The trial is a first for Victoria with the wire rope safety barrier installed along the centreline of the undivided road," Road & Ports Minister Tim Pallas said.

    "This project will improve safety for motorists by reducing the occurrence and severity of head-on and run-off road type incidents."'

    Here's a Google Maps link to it (I dunno how to paste an image directly into the message). More links below that may work.


    If this is gonna happen (the OP didn't cite a URL or anything verifiable in his message) then it's gonna be an interesting one.

    This particular section is not a dual carriageway. Rather, it's a 4 lane (2 each way) road.

    So, this means that you'll have a WRB running down the centre of the road with no margin for error when passing vehicles, or if a truck or vehicle towing a large trailer gets a bit of a sway up and there are vehicles heading in the opposite direction.

  2. Re: WRBs up the guts of South Gippy Hwy...

    This one deserves a protest ride, it's just too dangerous.
  3. Re: WRBs up the guts of South Gippy Hwy...

    Apart from any other consideration, (if it is true) it is a deliberate and provocative slap in the face to motorcyclists to do it on THAT road.

    "If we can ignore you here, we can ignore you anywhere."
    Eh, Vicroads?
  4. Re: WRBs up the guts of South Gippy Hwy...

    100 motorcyclists blocking the road should do it.
    What say MRA?
  5. Re: WRBs up the guts of South Gippy Hwy...

    i've seen similar overseas, if a bike was to clip it the rider would well and truly wind up like that guy in the stupid TAC ad. Also it collects debris just like a gutter, and the debris has a tendency to get flicked up by passing trucks.

    I'll cook the sausages. just give me time to organise time off.
  6. Re: WRBs up the guts of South Gippy Hwy...

    While not in Vic, I agree with smee. This is something the MRA should go hammer and tongs at, and one that should have support of all riders throughout. Pick your fight and push unceasingly.
  7. Re: WRBs up the guts of South Gippy Hwy...

    Damn shredders.

    I'm happy to block a lane or two. :twisted:
  8. Re: WRBs up the guts of South Gippy Hwy...

    Deafening silence...............
  9. Re: WRBs up the guts of South Gippy Hwy...

    Give them a break it's been only 3 hours since it was posted and it is a Sunday night.

    While I don't mind WRB's a fair distance from the road but along the white line on an undivided 4 lane highway you must be kidding. [-(

    This is going to be fun to watch progress.
  10. Re: WRBs up the guts of South Gippy Hwy...

    Point taken...... John I apologise 8-[
  11. He he he John may not have heard about it yet, just give them 2 weeks to post a "formal complaint"

    (joking ok!!!)
  12. surely this has to be a hoax
  13. It's not a hoax, and don't call me shirley
  14. =D> :rofl:
  15. Do you like to watch gladiator movies?
  16. ewwwwwwww

    The first one to reference an "auto pilot" I sue!!
  17. Looks like it might help cars and possibly create issues for bikes.
  18. Yep this one helped the occupants of this car
  19. Aww... It's just giving them a safety hug. :shock: