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WRB's not all they are cracked up to be!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Just near my place this morning there was an accident on the Western Hwy(2 lanes in each direction with a large median strip in between and WRB just installed to the middle on the East bound side). A car heading West has left the road, crossed the median strip and hit the WRB, catapulting the car OVER the WRB into the path of oncoming traffic and flipping it onto it's roof! The chopper was there to air lift the injured to hospital.

    Aren't the WRB designed to stop the cars from entering head on traffic? These one's just made it worse by flipping the car on its roof as well. They clearly FAILED to do what they were designed to do.

    It will be interesting to see how long before they are repaired now also.
  2. Maybe mr Bracks should be used as a test pilot to show us how good and safe WRB barriers are :shock:
  3. yeah, if they're so good we could get him to stand on the other side while we crash into it :twisted:
  4. and what would have done a better job? concrete wall? steel barrier?

    maybe we should lobby for the government to put giant pillows between the lanes so theres no chance of flipping/slicing/mooshing oursleves. the pillows will double up as a place where tired drivers can stop for a nap :D
  5. I'd like to say, there's very little chance of these things or other barriers still being effective with more 4x4's on the road, their higher centre of gravity will lead them to flip more reliably when hitting barriers such as this, to be honest.

    Barriers that are waist high would be more effective at this, as well as, if they had space underneath, would allow riders who've had an off to slide underneath and not die on the barrier.

    Just a thought, I also doubt they'd be that more expensive than the current barriers.
  6. As stated in previous threads , WRB's where only tested in Australia twice both times using a toyota echo, firts test was really a failure because VicRoads didn't install it properly

    it's always stated they will not stop a 4wd or truck
  7. It was an EB Falcon sedan in this case.
  8. Currently WRB's appear to be cheaper than other forms , for initial installation, they are much more expens\ve to repair than other forms .
  9. I noticed on the Western Highway that the new WRBs are placed so damn close to the running lanes that there is hardly any room to pull over in an emergency. The space might fit a small car, but nothing much bigger. and if you needed to change a flat tyre or something you'd need to do it with yourself IN the running lane. Bloody stupid.
    I can see how these things might have some benefit to car occupants in a situation where the vehicle runs well off the tarmac and needs to be arrested, but it looks like they could just as easily throw the vehicle back into the path of other cars, because they are too close.
    Other countries are now banning them now that their limitations are becoming known. I think in a few years we'll see thems disappear, along with the silly twats that advocated them.
  10. Which is why they get left dangling, when they get damaged? :roll:
  11. There are increasing numbers of places where changing a flat tyre or making minor repairs by the side of the road is no longer possible.

    What you really need to be doing if it isn't safe is call a tow vehicle (an expensive pain I know, but better than getting killed by an inatentive driver!)
  12. There was a report recently in some paper touting that a 20 wheeler had hit a WRB, breaking 297 out of the 300 support posts that it had come into contact with. The WRB had deflected by a total of 3 meters, but eventually returned the truck to the correct side of the road. I think this was in some Tasmanian report.

    As always though, accidents are weird things at times. Sometimes things go "right" (as right as can be hoped for during an accident), and the political parties are quick to use such as examples that this then justifies some solution, and ignoring the rest of the evidence that shows that such good fortune was really just a freak occurrance of luck.

    I don't know what a good solution would be though. I would have thought that opposing lanes, separated by 20-30m of vacant land filled with shrubs would've been good enough, but it seems that it isn't given the recent installation of WRB's along the Frankston Fwy.
  13. Yep. As always, it's a matter of short-sighted money allocation. Rather than doing the job right, they do it cheap, and then let someone else worry about the massive ongoing maintenance expenses from using a cheap and inadequate barrier system.

    WRB's make no logistical sense, for either preventing accidents involving heavy vehicles, for dealing with super-light vehicles (bike, scooter, etc) or for total service costs. They are a short-term quick-fix solution installed to satisfy some political desire to cut costs while some existing official is overseeing the cheque-book.
  14. Triway

    Sounds like you have uncovered something important here.

    That a WRB should cause an EB Falcon Sation wagon to flip is very important.

    If you are able to verify this - could I sugest that you notify the media by emailing the Herald Sun or the Age.

    Email addresses are hsletters@heraldsun.com.au or letters@theage.com.au

    Guys - we can discus it all we like here - but until someone - or many of us raise the issue with the media, it will get glossed over.

    Note - no mention of the WRBinvolvement was made in the reporting of the accident.

    The issues are - WRB doesn't do what it is supposed to do. WRB is not being installed within spec. WRB causes driver injury.

    We could have a field day with this - but, you are the ones who need to write to the media - it takes many emails to get one letter published.
  15. I reckon someone bought X klm's of WRB and now they have to use it all up , :shock:

    Just look at the mess they made on thompsons road, it looks like they had a competition to see how many different types of barrier they could install :shock:
  16. From the Tasmanian Mercury
    i think the aurgument would be better served as to the overal effectiveness of the barrier (as John says) rather than emotive terms such as "cheese cutters". I don't know of anyone being decapitated by a WRB, but those unprotected posts look pretty nasty and the overall low height of the barriers would make me think that I'd just go sailing over them.

    Note: WRB's have been in use in Europe since the early 90's. Without starting a huge bunfight, I'm pretty sure that if they were totally useless or significantly worse than conventional barriers, their use would be less widespread than it is.
  17. Oh they have been told and shown many instances, 7,9,19, papers etc, only papers that ever published anything where the small local papers.

    I have an idea I am working on myself that hopefully may raise more awareness , shorttly

    But I aint gonna telegraph it on line

    Love them or loathe them I'd like you to read This and help out if you can , they more Info gained the more pressure we can place on VicRoads,

    Already they are having to change Thompsons road and Frankston Fwy after constant
    pointing out of facts to them
  18. Even if one was to accept that WRB are better than alternatives (which I don't). I would have thought that a a single row of the stuff half way between opposing directions - and therefore 10-15m off the running lanes would have been a better solution than placing it 2 metres from moving vehicles. It would at least give drivers a chance to recover control (and riders a chance to stop sliding) before hitting it.
    I really cannot fathom the logic behind this, but then, maybe that's too much to ask.
  19. They are being removed in some countries - Norway is the latest. I personally think this is because of general disillusion with them, as much as the protests of bikers alone.
  20. Norway is the latest? Who are the others? Interested to know, more information available the better.