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WR400 gearing

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Db11, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, I bought a 1999 WR400 that hasn't seen much work. Bought it intending to ride to trails and home again. So cruising at 100 is essential. Really enjoy it but a bit stumped at the moment, as the bikes top speed is really slow. From what I've read the top speed of the bike is well over 100ks. My bike will sit at 80ks but rev hard in 5th. Haven't tried any faster due to a bit of mechanical sympathy. Sprocket set up is 14/49. Stock is 14/50 so I will restore that as it came with a 50 sprocket. Think this will help getting the original ratio back but can't see it helping that much.. Has yz timing done to it but can't see this affecting the top speed either.
    After market close ration gear box perhaps?
    Pretty much never use first gear either. Change straight out of it after taking off and will use two for hill climbing or tight stuff...
    Curious as to why the bike is geared down so low. Any suggestion would be of help.


  2. Won't going back to a 50t lower gearing further, using a smaller rear will gain top end speed but also raise 1st gear speed, a 400 should have enough grunt to handle it
  3. Yes sorry you're right. Don't know what I was thinking. But by lowering teeth at the rear I still can't see this having a huge difference in terms of top speed.
  4. I have a CRF450X motarded. Original gearing was 14/52. In motard trim I now have it at 15/43. Admittedly the 17" rear wheel/tyre combination is slightly smaller than the stock 18"/knobby combo, but 4th now pulls to $1.40.

    If you can, try going up 1 tooth on the countershaft sprocket, you shouldn't need to change the chain length for a single tooth.