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WR250X as off-road bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Davi5678, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Wondering which would be the better choice, out of a wr250r and wr250x, considering my needs - I want to buy one of these bikes for the time I'm on restrictions and keep it as a play bike when I'm allowed something bigger, possibly recreation registering to save money.
    The 250r could easily be fitted with more road friendly tyres since most of my riding will be on the road, but is the same true, in reverse for the 250x?
    What other differences will there be between them?

  2. The WR250x is a supermotard. It can not take off road tyres. It is the better road bike. It has more grip and road suspension than a 250r will ever have.

    The WR250r is a trail bike. If you want to do any off road riding you need this one. It will go quite fine on the tarmac too.

    Pretty simple choice, where are you going to ride it?
  3. +1 I agree.

    WR250X great fun on road, useless off-road due to no knobby or semi-knobby tyres in those sizes AT ALL in Australia.

    WR250R Brilliant off-road,
    for on-road you CAN buy street tyres for it and it will do a pretty good job.

    Get the R.
  4. Thanks, I suspected that might be the case but wanted to confirm it.
  5. I disagree.
  6. ^^^^^ Do please elaborate.