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wows Police budget gone south??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Zealous, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. It appears Police have stepped back 20 years and are now driving VN Commodores. I thought it was a security car at first but about an hour ago I traveled over to the service station to grab some smokes and when walking out I see a VN Commodore police car with real cops in it. I just got on my bike and carried on home.

    The car was white, blue stripes and the usual sirens.

    Perhaps a Christmas/Holidays related operation?
  2. well, it's missing some Ute Balls.... Then it'd probably be ok.
  3. Vic cops also have more than a few unmarked HSVs prowling the back roads.

    Money well spent though. I had a grey HSV GTO pass me going the other direction one day only to pull over to the side of the road and chuck a u-turn. It then proceeeded to pull at least 180-200kph to catch and pass me on a blind bend with double white lines (forcing an oncoming car off the road). But at least they got the car that was further ahead of me, dangerously risking everyone's lives by driving 10kph (at most) over the speed limit :roll:.
  4. the new unmarked wagons have been cruising the macedon area at 90kmh and booking people who overtake. they have slim antenna's, front mounted and real baby LED lights in the windows and mounted on the front number plate.

    Bit hard to pick em out as the Black windows makes it near impossible to see the lights in the back window.
  5. ... but isn't that what makes it easy to pick them out, no? The blacker than legal window tint designed to hide the internal lights. While it's not 100% foolproof, many cars I've seen with black as pitch rear window tints have turned out to be unmarked police cars. In their eagerness to hide their disco lights, all they do is make themselves conspicuous in other ways.
  6. lots of bombodore wagons getting around atm with dark tints.

    Mind they do look good with a dark tint for a bombodore.
  7. I've seen a nice covert Crumbledoor Ute working the Pakenham Bypass lately.
  8. A black ford territory unmarked is patrolling the mornington peninsula as is a new black commodore
  9. Thanks for the heads up smee.