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Wowee, things have changed around here!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lilly Pilly, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Hello!

    Thought I'd stop by for a look and think I need L plates again ;)

    Been riding a long time, haven't ridden for a few years as babies have taken over my life a little :)

    Hubby, kids, furkid and I travel Australia 6 months of the year with our camper trailer, motorbike on the back, and work on a remote cattle station in The Gulf the other 6 months. Left Melbourne three years ago with a DR650 and now just have a CRF230 so hubby can muster cattle and I can putt around bringing horses in (and some child-free time ;) ).

    Started with a GN250, then a ZZR250, CBR600, 900SS (my absolute favourite!! There's a lot to like about a dry clutch :D), KLR650, so been around the traps, done plenty of kms in the saddle, both road and adventure riding, and met plenty of awesome people (husband included ;) ) from this site.

    Lil :)
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  2. welcome aboard :]
  3. wow....great life you have :) hello and welcome
  4. LIL, welcome back!!!!!! How's Stookie, give him my best wishes? I'd love to see you if your path ever comes anywhere near Wollongong!
    (Too much to tell here for those who don't know but Lil and Stookie are old Netriders, I first met them in '06, as I recall, on my first trip to Melbourne. They were living in Kew then, Lil had her 900SS, and Stookie had a Honda 250 cruiser. They came out to Whitehorse Road in the early evening to navigate me back to their place, gave me dinner and slept on the couch so I could have their comfortable bed after over a thousand kays in the saddle. And they'd only ever talked to me on line. Fabulous lovely people and that forged a friendship that included attending their wedding, traveling down by train because I had a couple of broken ribs from an accident, and more than I could share here. They are treasures.)
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  5. Howdy Lilly PillyLilly Pilly and welcome back to NR! Great to 'meet' you and hear about others who are living a lifestyle that we are gearing up to do as well very soon. I'm currently trying to figure out how to get my bike to travel with us though. Would love to hear more about your experiences!
  6. Wow, great to hear from yez. I remember that Duc - who could forget. Say hi to Stook, glad to hear your both still riding whether it's work or play.
  7. Welcome back...

    Looks like you guys are popular here.
  8. Sadly I recollect that some lowlife stole it and burned it out........
  9. Hidey ho! I've been checking out most of your pics on FB with interest and fascination Lil. Welcome back to the nuthouse.

    It is very different around here... and in some ways, still the same. lol
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  10. Welcome back Lil seems you have a life alot of us would envy, best you write a book n mak3 sqwillions :)
  11. Hi Lilly PillyLilly Pilly and welcome back! @goodie summed it all up perfectly, looking forward to reading about your adventures and maybe seeing few pics :)
  12. Welcome back Guys, I remember you heading off on your adventures. It is good to hear from you again.
  13. Hi Paul :)

    We may well be in your area over the Christmas/New Year period. We're picking up our camper in Melbourne early December (sans bike unfortunately). We like to go where the road leads us and have no idea of any firm plans until the day they happen lol.

    I think I joined in September 2004 but may even have been earlier than that. It was definitely after I bought the Duc. I loved that bike...whoever stole her would have been sorely disappointed though. 110,000km on the clock...she was no spring chicken!

    Goldenberri, JFDI!!!! Wish we'd done it a long time ago, but better late than never ;) We use a Motow on the back of our soft floor camper. Adds about 20mins to pack up and setup time though. There are plenty of other options...some hardfloor campers can have bikes/quads on top and then there's caravans like the Jayco Basestation. Even a converted gooseneck (the bigger horse floats) would work. We have a FB page if you want a look (can't link yet, but look for The Wandering Jocks). I'm pretty passionate about our new life :D

    Goddie...if only! I'm not eloquent enough anyway :p

    Nice to see some familiar names still here too....and Paul, I can see you haven't changed judging by your sig lol).
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  14. Terrific to have you aboard one again Lil :) Love watching you and the families stories and photos on FB.
  15. Welcome back Lil