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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ljiljan, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Particularly with respect to the last few. There is definitely some sort of bump at that point in the corner.

  2. You know what I reckon it is? All the vultures stopping there with their cameras, coming and going, leaves dust and sand and crap on the road. Plus it isn't all that smooth, the surface is patched, it's off camber, blind, varying radius, ... just a nasty piece of asphalt. There's probably oil down from the last mug who crashed there... It is the first / last corner on that stretch, and a fraction tighter than all the others. They get programmed into a certain speed - say 40 mph at the apex, and when they try and do that around the last corner, it takes a wee bit more lean to accomplish. The corner goes on for a long time and they're like 'Does this shit ever end?' and then they see clearway and it like 'Finally!' so they nail it. Oopsie! The other thing I notice, is that most of those corners are really well surveyed. They camber in, plus they're high at the entrance, low at the apex, and high at the exit, so they gently dip in the middle, which pulls the bike down into the turn. That one, is high - low - high - low ... there's a sort of crest right at the exit - just where you want to get on the power.

    rnickeymouse is a good channel to subscribe to.
  3. Whatever it is, of those clips most of the kick at exactly the same point in the corner
  4. the ute was particularly scary
  5. There is a trail of oil down the middle of the road quite obvious on the R6 slow mo. He hits that and the rear starts to go. That corner is notorious too. They're all pushing hard, knee down and tis a dusty 'come and go' corner.
  6. A bunch of unskilled yanks going out and buying their ultimate bike as their first bike. And crashing it (next time).
  7. ive seen that road in a few videos, i think?

    few close calls there :p
  8. Well, yeah. There's all sorts get up on that stretch. It's like the Old Road or The Spur - famous. Some of them are very bad - frightening - and a few of them are very good.
  9. It's good to see guys saving it for once! They are getting a tad greedy on the throttle but unlike the standard fools you see on that channel they notice and react early. I've had this happen plenty of times (usually pushing too hard in the wet). As you get better at it you catch it earlier and react smoother and sometimes you don't feel it kick out at all. The scary ones are when you hit oil or something and the revs spike 3 grand and you get bucked up onto the tank like you see in the video.

    I've got a pillion helmet cam video I've been meaning to render showing a spike in revs mid corner on a wet road.
  10. is this filmed at Mulholland Drive?
  11. yes, it is indeed
  12. thought so...thankyou