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WOW what a way to start the Morning near miss for me not for this other bloke

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kingy, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Well keep a long story short

    was working down in Ulladulla yesterday. 2hrs south of sydney

    going through Kiama a sports bike come unstuck right in front me me.. so close i thought i ran over the bloke in the work ute..

    i pulled over on the busy Princess HWY to stop traffic and help this bloke out.. telling him to lay still and keep his helmet on..
    .. i tried to talk to him and make him not look at his hand looks like he might loose a few fingers.. found out his was a off duty highway patrol officer 41 yr old...

    i feel really sick in the gut and it has scared me for life.. so much so that i am leaving my bike at work and heading home on a 3 hr train ride...
    parking the bike up for a while
  2. its the risks you take riding on the road. we all know it.

    if it worries you then sell your bike.
  3. This might just be what you needed to see - it'll make you or break you.
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  4. the problem i had was YES he was speeding if i was to run over him and kill him that's what i have to live with for the rest of my life for something that wasn't even my fault.... anyway just wanna tell everyone to stay safe you may not only hurt yourself
  5. I see you have updated your "Last Crash Date"
    I think protocol dictates you must have you own thread where you can tell us about said crashes :+)
  6. haha ;)
  7. While this may have rattled yoiu a bit put it into perspective a little. We have all seen horror car accidents or the aftermath of one but very few of us hang up our car keys.
    We might drive slower and be more aware for a few weeks but thats about it.
    Do you know what actually went wrong? Road Conditions, rider error?
    Maybe knowing will help you move on.

    I saw a bike rider hit the back corner of a 4WD from behind on Nepean Hwy last year, he was flung into the middle lane and luckily was not hit by other cars. This was before I got my licence for a bike. it was a massive reality check but one that keeps me constantly reminded of the risk I am taking everytime I get on the bike. I choose to learn from it.
    Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  8. i noticed your previous crash was on Sept 11.
    there was a plethora of jokes right there but kinda sensitive to some....
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  9. the kiama bends is a multi lane section of the hwy with very long curvy corners. great for a motorcycle . to separate the south bond and north bond traffic there is a concrete wall. he came in way to hot locked the rear wheel up the rear wheel has hit the white line and slingshot him straight into the concrete wall.. he bounced off the wall at high speed maybe doing 100+ clicks (kiama bends are only 60 i think) and bounced right in the path of the front of my car.. i came very close to his helmet and nearly went over the edge of the cliff trying to miss him...
  10. First of all, good on you for stopping and helping this guy out. Not easy dealing with someone who is seriously hurt.

    A couple of questions if I may:
    I'm trying to understand why you were so close to the back of him? Did he over take you and pull in front you before he lost it? Or was it just the crash that slowed him down and made you catch up to him? (not having a go, I'm just curious)
    without giving too much detail, did you see what caused him to come off? Was there crap on the road etc...?
    Have you heard anything since? Is he OK?

    I don't want to upset any legal issues in any way, so, if you feel you can't/shouldn't answer any of these questions, that's OK.

    EDIT: you already posted some details before I submitted this.
  11. nah i was in the left hand lane he was in the right hand lane i was doing 70 he was doing 100clicks plus. he over took me around one of the bends. he lost control about 15m in front of me in the right hand lane... nothing on the road surface that i could see at the time i was more worried about him not getting hit buy another vehicle.
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    Kiama Bends are an 80 zone
  13. 80k zone but what are the Corner speeds ??? they wouldn't be 80
  14. if they aren't 80, they are advisory only. I'm yet to see a corner with an advisory above 40km that can't be safely doubled (or close to it) by an experienced rider.

    EDIT: In good conditions.
  15. speed was still the factor no matter what.. i am unsure on what his ridding level was at so that might of been a factor aswell.. he was ridding a naked frame KAWKA 1000 thing. the bike looked pretty messed up... just tried calling the hospital to see how he is but they wont tell me anything.. i might call the local cop shop
  16. Kingy did you get contact information? It will help you a lot if you know how he recovers and will help him to know people are concerned. Don't be afraid to make a call.
  17. i tried calling the hospital but they couldnt tell me anything.. i might call the cop shop. as he was a highway patrol officer they might be able to give me an update.. COP or not you dont want to see people get hurt ...
  18. Call the hospital again and leave a message - they will pass that on even if they can't give you any information.
  19. Especially a HWY cop, who it sounds like, understands that you can have a good time on the road bending the rules.
  20. A highway patrol officer who books people like you and I for doing the same thing - speeding

    I wonder if he has received a ticket for neg driving ?