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Wow! What a peg scraping ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mcsenna, Jul 24, 2012.

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    Kawasaki Versys 650, who would have thought. If I was to have a hero this guy is it.

  2. Underwhelming.

    He wasn't leaning any further than anyone else
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  4. Geez your hard to please. I was impressed by what he was up against, there's only so far you can lean a Versys. Anyway I liked it and hopefully there are other "ordinary" riders like me who might enjoy it.
  5. Ran wide on way to many corners for my liking and his riding style was too extreme and aggressive for a track day.
  6. There were a few of 'em taking no prisoners. But he was definitely chasing trophies.
  7. Yeah getting very close and cutting a lot of people up
  8. riding like a ****ing tool, it's a track day not a race. Sorry but but if you aspire to be like this guy make sure you have deep pockets, bounce well and have a form apology for the people you'll undoubtedly take out
  9. Only one guy out there with any balls, the rest of them were riding like pussies.
  10. To me it looked like the slow group.
    He should step up a group and see how he goes.
    In saying that,the other riders looked like the typical,full leathered,full chicken stripped fuctards that ride 150hp UJM's and disappear on the straight and hit the picks and pussie around corners--hence this bloke was cutting them up.
    As I said,wrong group for that bloke.
  11. Holy pie. Watch from 2:31 in the first video this guy is a lunatic. Rides exactly the way I would if I was playing motogp on the ps3..
  12. Here here!
  13. Bullcrap its always a race when you put speed and testosterone together. Been to plenty of 4 wheel track days and don't ever remember expecting an apology from a guy I had to surrender a corner to. Maybe your 2 wheel track days are for more genteel folks.
  14. The slow group has rules.-no passing on corners.HP rules.
  15. Speed and testosterone come into it, and it can get competitive but he's riding like a ****ing tool from the out lap. A wannabe Rossi, who through sheer luck didn't take some poor bastard out. As Blabbus said, move him up a group or two and then see how he goes.
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