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Wow...truck drivers are jerks.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Lachlan56, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Riding home today from work, I am traveling along having a blast when I come up to the back of a truck lumbering his way up the road I was on. It was unsafe to pass, so I decided to just sit back and cope with doing 30km/h all the way up the excellent windies that lead us up the hill.

    By the time we got halfway up, many cars were behind me, and we were all just sloooooowly making our way up behind this damn truck.

    We get to the top finally where this is a biiiig carpark for the lookout. MOST of the time slow moving trucks simply pull off to the side while everyone passes. Its safe, and doesn't actually slow the trucks down at all, they don't need to brake, just move over and let people pass.

    Well this truck did not do so, which REALLY annoyed me.

    1: It would have cost him nothing to do so and made half a dozen people happy
    2: I STRONGLY disagree with trucks being on that road in the first place. Its a small windy road that has some hairpins. Trucks simply do not FIT on that road without using up the wrong side of the road when navigating some of those corners. When coming the other way in a car it can be very annoying having the rear tyres of a truck nearly run over the front of your car for daring to use your side of the road.

    Anyway he didn't move over, and as we pass the carpark theres a little straight hill going up, however its sitll doulbe unbroken lines. Given that we were doing 30km/h, I decided 'fk it' and overtook. I am sure some will disgaree, but trust me, it was about as safe as you could hope for. While passing I flashed my high beam at the truck to let him know I was annoyed.

    I continued on my way and the truck quickly dissapeared from sight after a couple of corners. The speed was 80km/h and I was doing about that, but it was enough to leave the truck behind.......or so I thought. After another couple of minutes there is a school, and it was school zone times so like a responsible human being would, I slowed to 40.

    Within 30 seconds I see 2 headlights getting closer and closer very quickly. It was Mr Truck. As he got quite a bit closer I realised he was doing a huge speed, seemingly to try 'catch me' I started speeding up but he just kept getting closer.

    We ended up doing 90km/h through the 40km/h school zone, with him 1m from my rear tyre. While I should have moved over and stopped, it crossed my mind that he might just be insane enough to try run me down, or stop himself and try bash me or something.

    We kept going along in this manner untl I saw a street on the left and swerved into it at the last second to loose the truck. With a blare of the horn he hurled past. I waited a minute, rejoined the road and continued home.

    I hope this guy got home to find out his wife has left him for postman. Who the hell tailgates a learner on a motorcycle at over twice the speed limit in a school zone just to prove a point about something.
    If he had just been considerate to start with and moved over when he had the chance and let by the half a dozen people being held up by him taking a truck on a road it simply doesn't belong...... grrr

  2. Who flashes their highbeams to indicate disapproval?

    It's rude and stupid.

    "Oh, I don't think you're a very good driver. I shall now dazzle you to somehow improve your driving abilities by harming your ability to see."

    What a great idea!

    Also: there are f***wits on the road. In trucks, taxis, buses, cars, 4WD's, and even on motorcycles. Get used to avoiding them.

  3. Excuse me? Dazzle him? A single high beam from a much lower motorcycle flashing for 2 seconds is hardly going to 'dazzle' a truck driver at 3pm in bright sunlight...... I doubt he even noticed it.
  4. what ktulu is trying to communicate with the subtlety of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, is that antagonising other drivers (intentionally at least) gets you no where.

    especially a driver who is in a multi-ton vehicle, is potentially tired, grumpy and/or on mind altering drugs.

    you vs truck = lose
  5. Oh don't worry, I regret flashing him because his response to that was to get mad then endanger my life. I just wanted to vent my anger at how much of a jerk he was. I don't care how angry you get at another driver, you don't go trying to intimidate them with a much larger vehicle and drive in a manner where you could kill them if they had to brake suddently.....
  6. sounds like a scene from joyride, except in that scene the truck mows you down. I probably encounter something along the lines of this every day on the way home. Just work on ways to gtfo of the situation.
  7. You should have pulled over & got yourself out of a potentially deadly situation. Do for self.

    Almost every truck driver I have met on the bike have been very courteous, they let me in, they let me pass, they get out of my way. One even waved me through a very tight gap between two trucks so I could get to the front at the lights. Admittedly, he poked his head out & said "don't scratch the fcuking truck", but it was a very nice truck :p
  8. Ha ha ha, I can believe that one.
  9. I hate to burst your self-righteous bubble, but he (or his company) pay registration, taxes and all sorts of other charges about which you know nothing, for the privelige of using the road, and whether YOU or anyone else thinks he ought not to be on the road doesn't make a dingo's kidney's worth of difference. And he has no obligation to pull over and let you pass. The fact that other truckies have done so is a bonus, and you should enjoy it. He chose not to; tough luck.

    As for the sheer stupidity of
    , well, words fail me.

    Here's the mail. If you don't want to end up as a small splatter in a truck's grille, why don't you pull over, wait for a few minutes till he's got to the top of a bit of road you obviously think you own, and then ride on through.

    No sympathy here, old son.....
  10. Given a choice of all the types of driver/rider you find out on the road, I'd take a truckie above most.

    Still, two wrongs don't make a right etc

    And flashing to indicate an overtake is allowable, in QLD anyway. Not that it's used much - normally it's used the other way around, to flash a truck that is overtaking you when it's good for him to merge.
  11. Truck drivers aren't jerks. I know a fair few of them personally having worked in the industry for some years (I'm IT, not a driver). What you will find however is that they are human, just like the Taxi driver that didn't see you whilst pulling a U-turn, the Rossi wanna be the chops you up mid corner on the spur and the soccer mum that pulled in front of you whilst punching out an SMS.
  12. We're not all perfect - and i reakon most of us have done things we regretted on the bike.

    ***People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones***

    Sometimes u just come accross people like that.

    Great learning experience for next time - glad u came out of it intact.

  13. Right, and his behaviour was in no way an abuse of his 'privelige'?
    Sure he didn't have to pull over but if you were in a line of cars being held up by a slow moving learner, would you not think it would be good manners of the learner to move over when presented with the oppotunity?

    They have the right to use the road. Ok sure. They don't have the right to intimidate other road users and use their huge truck as a tool to intimidate others. If a car is a weapon, what does that make a truck doing 90 through a school zone? I would have happily pulled over, had I not feared I would have been rear ended by the jerk.
  14. Him, hauling arse in a flat area probably had nothing to do with you flashing him.
    Truckies are on ridiculously tight schedules and slow uphills screws with that, so when they can they haul arse.
  15. You're missing the point, old son; YOU provoked his response. It would be vastly different if he had intimiadted you for no reason, but by your impatient and bad-tempered actions, you put him off-side and what followed, while not excusable, was pretty-well inevitable.

    Until you have the experience necessary, and a bike big enough to give guys like this a quick pass and make it stick, you just have to learn to be patient. that's all. There are no circumstances in which you oculd have won this point; you endangered yourself, and on a couple of hundred kilos of very fragile metal, that's a situation you just can't afford. There's no joy for you family in you being dead-right.
  16. I see, so he wasn't trying to run me over, he just had no regard for the safety of children when faced with the prospect of 'making up time'

    Somehow I don't think a cop would buy that excuse if I tried it next time I am late for work :p

    "No see officer I only did half the speed limit for the first half of my trip, so I figure I can do twice the speed limit for the other half....right?"
  17. How is doing 50km over the speed limit an appropriate response? How hard is it to pull on to the footpath where trucks cannot fit and let him go past immediately?
  18. I recommend that you wear ear-plugs while riding, but not when you're on the forum :roll:.

  19. This is where I disagree with you though. You seem to think that I did something outrageous towards him, something so annoying that only a saint would have held back.....

    Action: Overtook, with a quick flash of the headlights
    Response: Chasing down and driving 1 meter behind rear tyre at double the speed limit

    That is MY point. Yes, I agree with you, that my 'action' provoked him. There is no arguing that, I did something that obviously annoyed him, he reacted. Badly. I just wonder how much of an unstable agressive jerk he must be to feel his reaction was an appropriate response to my original action.

    It seems though, that we will have to agree to disagree.
    Lesson learnt is next time, just overtake and be gone and hope that the mere act of passing him doesn't enrage him so much he tries to crush me at the next set of lights.
  20. welcome to this board lachlan56....where you will find that most responses to your/any OP here generally take the opposite pov to whatever you have said and includes a lot of criticism by people.

    yes, they all seem to know better than everyone else, because they have been on this board longer than you... :roll:

    to me it sounds like the guy was being a complete wanker and pretty unsafe to boot.

    if flashing is provocation :LOL: , yeah right, then we all should in the slammer...

    anyway, I'm sure you are filing the experience away for next time.....