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Wow, the LAMS list must have a new entry I wasn't aware of *PIC*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Just parked next to this:


  2. nope, green p's are for when you have a p plate car licence and have already had 1 year on LAMS p plate restrictions.
  3. edit: just read jimmyD's thingy...

    still funny :)
  4. Ohhhhhhhh… well then. I'll just go ahead and shut up now :rofl:
  5. Lol nice.
  6. Maybe it's a 250 with the 'busa fairings over the top? Did see a CBR600 with a P plate on it yesterday though.
  7. yeah its a funny rule. its funny how that rider can ride a busa, but no turbo/supercharged cars, or cars with more than 6 cylinders.
  8. Haha, the door you've just opened to sooo many 250 riders....

    ps. is that on fed sq?
  9. Bad form to post the rego plate online mate.
  10. What does it matter.....the thing has only ever been ridden bolt upright....

    seen the size of the chicken strips on that back tyre????8-[8-[

    ...I thought green P's meant that you were finished with your LAMS restrictions.
  11. Eh, I have my full bike license but have been happily zipping around with Green-P's for the car, riding unrestricted and a legal BAC for my full license.

    According to the RTA the use of an unrestricted bike and enjoyment of 110 is perfectly legal, though there is NO law whatsoever stating anything about the intermingling of restrictions, especially like alcohol. Not so bad as I upgrade to fulls on Thursday anyway.
  12. this is for victoria riders
  13. WHoops, uploaded the wrong version. Fixed!
  14. Indeed!
  15. I'll have to ask the boys at Dynoverks about this bike :grin:
  16. I have full car licence (transfered from overseas) and about to take L's and over 30. M understanding is that when get L's I have to wait 3 months then can get P's for a year (restricted LAMS bike for L's and P's) then I can throw away all my stickers and get a 'proper' bike. Is this right (VIC)?
  17. mmmmmmmm......
  18. Yes, though you won't be required to display a P plate, you will still be subject to the same restrictions during your L period and for a year after you pass the licensing test.
  19. do you have to display a P plate in nsw?