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Wow, that's expensive.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Rolkus, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Link here.

    Came across it today, I was curious how much one of these were second hand, and I had no idea that Superdukes were that much!!
  2. ...and no RWC.
  3. Tell him he's dreamin'
  4. probably told his wife he's listed it for sale to keep her happy...knowing it will never be sold.
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  5. meh,
    check out the latest motorcycle trader,
    there is a vfr800 in their for 24k......
    cause its supercharged (using a kit form the us of a, that costs all of 5k to ship over)
  6. 15 million?

    Lol good luck.
  7. ".first to see will buy"

    love the optimism
  8. must be selling in Vatu not dollars
  9. Note that it isn't marked as 'ride away' either, so the transfer/stamp duty costs on top of that would be a b!tch!

    Edit: Mind you, if you paid $15m you probably wouldn't care.
  10. Maybe it's lined with a powder type substance?
    The paint maybe made from it aswell as it's the correct colour.
    Just a thought.
    Also he's leaving the country.
  11. Spam bait.
  12. Thought so.

    Lots of that at the moment.

  13. Can you imagine how dumb the spammers would be if they went for it?
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  14. Their dumbness never ceases to amaze though.

    Anyway I am off to collect my $20mil left to me by Uncle Harry. I sent all my banking information and personal details to Nigeria a week ago so should be in my account by now.
  15. Wow. Newby scammer forgot to check local values and conversion rates?
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    Could be baiting the scammers. "I work on a rig and want to pay the maximum sell price"

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    I think that's what he meant, Lilley.

    The price is still set at 15 mil. You know, I kind of suspect it's a technique for coming up at the top of search filters for price in descending order. Again, likely to be something to do with baiting scammers/spammers. But could be just shear stupidity.
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    Good point.