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WOW Riding the Dragon!!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ward_4e, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. deals gap in the usa... I was looking at the tree of shame thinking i could just about start one myself when I stumbled across this link... nice vid!!!!


    oh that a good idea... a netrider tree of shame!!! a pic thread where you can show off you busted beauties :wink:
  2. yep read that one undii... It brings a sad feeling to my heart to see so many triumphs and i cant ride them... There is a road here in tas over on the west coast cal the recce dam road that could be our deals gap... I remember when I was littel tacker the riders in and round tulla loved that bit of bitumen...

    I'll see if I can grab a map..

    BTW there is a crash in teh vid... no blood but a great number of riders stopping to help... Good to see..
  3. Stopped befeore he hit the trees, thats gota be good.

    Love the tag line at the end tor there company.
  4. Yup I watched the vid. Very professional as well. Asked rider to see if he was ok (to see if he was responding etc) then turn bike off and get it upright.

    Was good to see how those guys handled it. Nothing worse when people panick in these kind of situations. :)
  5. running around going "al my god" etc... as useful as teleprompt cards for a blind person...

    I've dug up a bad map... for the road... but I'll keep digging

    Its roads 7-8-9 on the westcoast... damn I still have access to the family shack / house there too.. I can hear ride trip coming... :wink:

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    A video with fast rock music along the infamous Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap in America.

    I never got to ride the Dragon when I was there, but my mate Valorie now lives in South Carolina and has been on the road several times.

    She said it's wonderful but can become terrifying in seconds if you overcook it on a corner, or brake too late.

    Notice how smooth the road surface is, typical of American roads, not like our goat tracks here.

  7. That is a nice stretch of road.

    Do we have something like that in Oz or at least in NSW?
  8. dam that a nice piece of road :grin: :grin:
  9. There is a site dedicated to this area, will have to hunt it up again, with rrrreeeeaaaaaallllyyy interesting shots of semi traillers on this road and the damage they do to cars and bikes alike.
    Definitely a road that needs to be treated with respect.
  10. fark i shit myself on the first corner cos he was on the wrong side of the road :LOL:

    id be so exhausted by the end of that run though...
    and check out the us version of groberts waiting for the guy when he finished :rofl:
  11. We have stuff like this Ed. Dandenong Ranges in Vic or even better west coast Tasmania
  12. yeah I'm putting together a map at the moemnt of some serious twisties!!!
  13. www.killboy.com
  14. The RNP in Sydney could be said a smaller version of the Dragon, but the RNP road surface is complete crap, they just keep tarring over and over the same holes. The road has waves in it in places from the thousands of cars that have passed thru every summer, there are some dips or bumps in the road just in the very spot where you exit some of the corners.

    People say to me they enjoy blasting thru the Park and that the road surface is ok.
    I disagree, as do many local riders.

    It's not until you ride outside of NSW that you see just how bad our roads really are!
  15. Enough said.

  16. One of the most deadliest roads in America. A definite add to the bucket list. (y)