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WoW nerds..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ZXRpilot, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Hey all...
    Any Warcraft addicts on here?
    Anyways I finally quit the life consuming game and Im looking to sell my account.
    I can't seem to find a legit site...(I know its against the terms) etc.
    If anyone knows a good site. Would be good.

  2. why would you sell a game account?
    Who would buy a game account?
    Not being a game nerd can you explain?
    Good on you for finally coming out into the light.
    Don't forget your sunnies :)
  3. Because it is worth some money. Fully bling gear, you know....
    8 million subscribers world wide, its an addictive game.
    Google "warcraft addiction", should some it up for you. lol
    And once its gone, I can't relapse :)
  4. [​IMG]

  5. this will be deleted
  6. Why is that?
    It's off topic. Genuine question.
  7. Which server, race, class, level, items? :p
  8. troll
  9. Oh please.
    It won't be deleted.

    A level 12 Paladin might cast Magic Fire on it, but it surely won't be deleted.
  10. or any of the WoW forums i would guess too... would be alot of newbs reading them trying to get into guilds etc. so might be worth a shot.
  11. Technically he's not trying to sell it here, he's asking people on a good place to advertise it.
  12. You dont by any chance have some +5 pants?

    i messed up my hornees after an off and need something with a little more resistance
  13. So are you after +5 Toughness or +5 Agility so you don't need the extra toughness in the first place?
  14. Ohhhhhhhhhh he pain the pain............................
  15. Saving throw FAIL.
  16. what is this new world you talk of.
  17. It is of warcraft.
  18. so would i be correct in the assumption that this world is where the HART instructors and the Stay Upright instructors go to war to see who may be the mightiest in the battle of Roadcraft on there trusty CB250 steeds ?.