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WOW - my day in the toyshop - Kwaka Heaven

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mithel, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. What a day - got to rate as close to the best yet. Most Certainly was for Riding.

    Nobby would be proud - I spent the day at 1300 Kawasaki in Ferntree Gully trying out bikes for my upgrade.

    I Rode :- ER6f - Nice bike but fell out of love - to upright in the saddle and just didn't click.

    - Z1000 - Great bike (2006 - not the new one) - passing it over at the moment as it seems a waste for mainly commute riding, and not the best suited.

    - Z750 - This is an impressive bike - It is now top of my list - jumped up nicely from down low and rides very light an flickable. I'm going wait for the new one due in March - it's had a few nice bits added to make it evan more attractive.

    - ZX6R - Not my style - would give me a backache -but impressive - I had to try.

    - ZRX1200 - Would make a nice tourer- could sit on it all day - but way to big and wide for commute.

    - ZX14 - Just for the major wow factor - I'm inxperienced with bigger bikes, but this was like sitting on a jet engine. It rides light for its 218kg and i can truly believe the 300 km/hr simply because it rides like a dream under speed - it settles in the more you give it, even though i didn't give it much you could just feel the bike.

    I can't thank Andrew and the guys at 1300 enough for the help and advice they gave me yesterday - they took the time to give me some advice on how each of the bikes would handle.

    I still have to look at alternative bikes, just to satisfy myself but what a day.

    PS. i'm sorry if General is the wrong place to have posted this but given my lack of experience and knowledge of larger bike I thought it would be rude and presumptive to post this in the reviews forum.
  2. You didn't try out a zx10r?
  3. You know I work just down the road from that very same Kwaka shop and all day I've been hearing this noise sounded like ::: Whapharkinhoo! Now I know it was you nipping up and down Burwood Highway.

    Good on ya Mithel, ain't hunting for a new bike half the fun?
  4. andrews a good guy.. a rare one. good ur into the kawas! :grin:
  5. WTF?!?!?!?

    Andrew wouldn't let me ride a 2nd hand 9R UNLESS we had negotiated and agreed on a price, (and I was a genuine buyer, not a tyre kicker) and you get to ride every $!@$!@$ thing in the shop!

    So much for 1300kwaka's "policy".

    I'm glad you had a fun day. Does that mean you're buying 6 bikes??

    You can tell Floyd Parkes /1300kwaka from me that they lost a good customer and solid sale that day.


  6. The best day you can have with your pants on :LOL:

    Thanks for the write up.

    Great how we're all different, as the ER6 would be my pick out of those :cool:
  7. Did you have your helmet on while talking to him? If not, I think I see your problem :LOL: :LOL: :p
  8. Such a petty they dont make the 12 no more.. :twisted:
  9. you are a man of infinite wisdom. :wink: good choice!
  10. But how wuz the GPX150!?!?!!!?!!?1/!?!1!>
  11. If your interested rocket rod has a really nice z750 for sale see ksrc site
  12. I second that, seemed a genuine bloke when I upgraded my ZX9 late last year.
  13. ...Good point, but I told him I had my draggins and gear in the car...
  14. Why? They make a 14, and eveyone knows more is better! :grin: :wink: :p
  15. This wouldn't have been you 'testing' the Z750 would it? :wink: Look, you're even waving to the camera!