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WOW! First real accident. (long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Well, it was going to be a good day.

    Hippo came round and we changed her oil and filter then we went to head off to the 250 ride day at Lillydale.
    We were a little late so she was SPEEDING! not gonna say how much over she was but shes very good most of the time (so she says) Anyway, we were going along Maroondah Hwy just passing Car City when a bus just pulls out in to the 80k traffic! not a lot of warning either, ( I you have to give way to them but this FAG just pulls out as he starts to indicate).

    There were 2 cars behind him one swerved in to the lane next to them (so the lady i hit tells me) and the other lady in the red commodore just slams on the breaks, and i don't have to tell you ABS in a modern car can have them stopping very quickly. I was more then 3 seconds behind her but even with a hand full of front and a lot of rear brakes and gearing down! still wasnt enough on the dusty roads (Melbourne's just had dust storms then very light rain to bring it to the ground + my tires are the shitty factory ones they put on 250s).

    So i hit her bumper, just missing the tow ball by about an inch and a half, I must of been doing about 10 maybe 12 k's when i hit, i never left the seat and didn't drop the bike.
    If she had of moved forward another 2 feet i would of been right :mad: But I cant change what happened.

    (deleted cuz people make me paranoid!) sorry makes no sence now.

    the deleted bits basically say, she decided there isnt enough damage to put it through insurance so forget about it...

    (deleted cuz people make me paranoid!) sorry makes no sence now.

    So im happy i don't have to stress about insurance a**holes scamming more money out of me, But there is still damage to my front guard to fix or replace (anyone know where i can get a gpx front guard?), and the steering feels a little different but steers straight with no weird noises, no buckle in the wheel, the tyre didn't deflate, the forks don't seem to be bent or twisted so i think its ok. I'm going to take it apart with my old man next weekend and have a good look and make sure all is ok just in case...(cuz it feels a little weird when i lean)

    So I'll be writing a thank you letter and getting some chocolates and dropping them in the mail box when i get a chance. and ive got my fingers crossed hoping the don't change their minds.
  2. Sorry to hear it mate, but it looks like things turned out much better than they could have been!

    I dropped my bike the other day outside a cafe due to forgetting I had no strength in my right leg after recovering from a broken ankle... :S

    These things happen! :)
  3. Thats not a real accident!!

    take it easy Gav, and dont let Heip lead you astray with her crazy antics. slow and steady, leave heaps of room and assume everyone is out to get u.

    glad to hear ur ok and ur lucky the woman cbf with the paperwork either.

    Touch wood ur bike is fine

  4. yeh there was a huge gap i just over estimated how well the bike stopped. apparently its needs 2 bus lengths.. and yes Hippo pretends to be all safe but I'm sure she is actually a crazy biker chick!

    Bummer about the drop pommy. was there much damage? what kind of bike?
  5. Get your forks and front end checked out. 10-12km/hr doesn't sound much, but if you were hard on the brakes when you hit, I would suspect there might be damage.
  6. [-o<

    There are some things left unsaid! [-X :-$
  7. Hopefull they're not members of Netrider. You should seriously delete that.

    Get your steering checked out professionally.

    I had a similar near-accident to that but I swerved and went into the bus lane. Then I sh*t my pants. :LOL:
  8. It's a good reminder to be very aware of buses - if they're stopped at the side of the road it's well worth thinking that they're going to pull out and prepare accordingly.

    I'm sure they get annoyed that drivers don't give way and so start throwing their weight around.
  9. lies! this isnt a real accident
    which is a good thing by the way
  10. Entirely predictable...most of your ire is misplaced. :roll:
  11. If I can even SEE a bus ahead of me I drop 2 gears and set-up brakes.

    Learning curve :) You'll be right, mate.
  12. Had there been room next to me i would of changed lanes when i saw a bus coming up, as i usually do, around here they seem to have no regard for other road users.

    And i was pre-braking because i was in heavy traffic and im always worried someone is going to do something stupid in front of me... (and i like to tap the brake to let the person behind me know I'm about to slow down, keeps em on there toes.)