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Wow, Egypts unbelievable new law

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/ne...fter-their-death/story-e6frev00-1226340604074

    Let the puns begin lol

  2. No wonder they had mummies.
  3. :rofl:
  4. It would seem the report is pretty dubious (ie. read false).

    Of course the retractions - should there be any - will be relegated to page 364.
  5. .... or buried, to be dug up 2,000 years later :LOL:
  6. rigor mortis commences after about 3 hours.
    so... not many new positions to try by then.

    but goddammit, i had the best avatar on here !
    until i saw waedwe's.
  7. What's "unbelievable" about it? - This is standard fare for a 6th Century death cult, founded by a notorious murderer, warmonger and pedophile. Mohammed's favourite wife was only 9 when he raped her for the first time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aisha


    Also, many thanks to Barack "I'm not a Muslim" Obama for helping the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt. Well done, d1ckhead.
  8. I await the new Egyptian p0rn category - "DMILFs".
  9. Only 6 hours? Damn, my ex wife seemed to have died about 10 minutes after we got married... was having sex with her for 5 years after that.
  10. This could be a hoax.

    'Farewell intercourse law'.

    I mean really.

    This says more about the media and journalistic standards than anything else.
  11. The media shit me up the wall. It's hard to find journos who have standards these days.
  12. Just booked my tickets to Egypt
  13. That stories a bit stiff to swallow!
  14. Necrophylia, Rooting a corpse,
    There are already laws against it,
  15. Burials a must.......

    Cos ya can't Fark dust!
  16. Now slow down, Goz. She's got to be your wife first ... ... wait .... that doesn't actually help.

    As you were.
  17. sounds like more media bollocks to vilify Islam and Muslims
  18. Honestly, wouldn't surprise me if it was real.
  19. It would surprise me - like Christianity, Islam has some fairly stringent requirements relating to treatment of the dead.