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NSW WOVR, how does it work

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ibast, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. So I've gone to the RTA website and, suprise, suprise, it's not really clear.

    I got the impression in NSW bikes could be classed as Repairable or Statutory write offs, but either either way they were listed on the WOVR register.

    So if a bike was a repairable write off it could be re-registered, but it was would always be listed as a repaired bike.

    Only problem is now all the damaged bikes I see listed are listed as Statutory write offs despite appearing to have very little damage.

    Does anybody know? Am I wrong that you can (could) re-register repairable write offs in NSW?
  2. Changes to the law:

    Dunno who an eligible person is, but I'm sure they can tell you.

  3. So now you have to take a gamble if you buy a written off vehicle as to whether you can ever get it registered again and you may have to use a licensed repairer.
  4. from that website, If it was your bike and your insurer wrote it off for you, you can apply to be able to repair it.
    If youre Not the owner and buy it to rebuild, It's a helluva risk.
  5. The whole point is to stop rebirthing. So that's why it is hard to do if it's not your car/bike.

    The whole exercise is pointless as you can get it registered in Victoria still.
  6. I wonder how much, if anything, will be altered when the RTA changes it's name.