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Wouldn't ya love to punch yourself in the head sometimes....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by belair, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. I had one of these moments today.... Went for my medium rigid truck licence. It was a four hour course with written test and practical test included at the end. After 3 or so hours of practicing around the streets of Dandy I felt like I had it all under control. Practised reversing, cornering, lane changing, parking etc. etc. Didn't really put a foot wrong apart from missing a gear once but of all the instant fail points I didn't do any of them.

    When it came to the written test, passed pretty easily. Couple wrong and a few guessed answers but passed in the end. :wink:

    Then came the practical test. Half an hour of driving around streets with tester aboard. First up, reversing test: completed no dramas. Next, out on the streets to do a park: easy done. Lane change: tick. By this stage I was pretty confident, had done about 20 or so minutes of driving and had completed most of the testers criteria satisfactorily........ Until at a T-intersection doing a left hand turn on the route back to the depot. Didn't swing out far enough and just clipped the inside kerb with the back left wheel. INSTANT FAIL.

    Was absolutely devastated. Forked out an extra 110 smackeroos for a retest on Friday but now my confidence is shot. Maybe thats what is was, just a little too much confidence so I took my eye off the ball for second. But anyway it was one of those moments I would have just loved to give myself a good smack around the earhole! :mad:

  2. dont kick yourself too much
    its just murphys law sometimes

    I didnt pass my truck licence first time either and as I was driving at the time for my grandfathers truck company, my licence was essential.

    Dont doubt your ability, you know you can do what you need to do, after all you did it before the test. I know these are just buzzing words right now, but as hard as it is just try and focus on it being just another day driving, and the turkey testing you is just some hitch hiker who needs a ride.

    oh and I passed the 2nd time hehe

  3. Don't beat yourself up to bad, we all have done it. I did something like that with my motorbike licence. Accept it real quick. What is done, is done. Move on from the negativity of todays events and when you wake up tomorrow, it will be in the past! Look at the positives. At least you know what you are in for. Sounds like you aced it, besides one mistake! Concerntrate and focus on what you have to do on friday and visualise in your head yourself going through every process for successful completion. :cool: And if you fail on friday, hang your head in shame! :cheeky:
  4. I thought you got two shots at it? I did the 6 week longhaul course for my heavyrigid and we got two shots at flunkin. I made it second time round.

    Never wanna double a friggen clutch again though..... :evil:
  5. i enrolled in thr truckers test...not to be come a trucker but to meet those hot guys with big belly, dirty singlet, heaps o hair, lots a dirt and sweat, never use a tissue to wipe their nose etc.

    i didnt shave my leg for months, wore best and less cotton shorts pulled right up to my tits, loos singlet, no bra, heaps o blood red lippy, bum parted blond perm and ausie slang like you've never heard.

    got me the best type o man too

    the type that's never home :LOL:
  6. pffft, my truckies STILL occassionally clip a gutter here and there, sure they are driving HC, but i wouldnt let it shoot your confidence!
    you'll be right :)
  7. Gee Stump
    I can say I NEVER looked like that when I was driving B-Trains and road trains across the Nulla and the NT
  8. i did punch mysef in the head last year, actually punched myself in the nose, and broke it.
    we were working down near eden and i was trying to get a remote control for one of the spreader trucks out of its little pocket, but tried too hard :(
    broken nose, hospital visit and heaps of paperwork for incident reports and the like :?
  9. :LOL: :LOL: