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Would you vote yes to restore the death penalty?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. I would love to vote yes but I just don't trust the police enough.
    For me it would be a no.

  2. I say yes, there are people in jail for the rest of their life - might as well capital punish them.

    Though on the other hand I think in the US it's more expensive to execute someone then jail them for life - things like appeals and what ever else is involved makes it very expensive.
  3. In certain circumstances I would say yes ie: repeat offender paedophiles, rapists...

    Very contentious issue you have raised. What prompted it?
  4. i do see the point in it. i also see thats its pointless keeping some criminals alive when theyre just going to spend their whole lives in jail. maybe if they just made it a little easier for the lifetime crims to knock themselves off, although that would result in innocents in prison killing themselves too.

    answer is still no. justice system is totally fallible
  5. Nup.

    You've only got to look at how many innocent people have been jailed wrongly to figure out they will be executed wrongfully, which then makes it murder, which then makes us no better. So nup.
  6. The short answer is no.

  7. +1

    We can leave the barbaric acts to the barbarians (USA! USA!)
  8. Yes.

    Personally, I understand how innocent people can get caught in the system...I think the death penalty should be reserved for *repeat* offenders.

    Anyone who thinks theres nobody out there who literally deserves to die simply has not met somebody nasty enough. Never interacted with someone cunning enough. Dont know theres people out there who are happy to kill, take life, and feel empowered by it because they know at the end of the day, they will still be alive.

    Rare cases, but extreme. With a necessary extreme response. Some humans are simply.....rabid.

    Dont even get me started on this issue, it ties in with many of my personal held beliefs with our society increasingly fostering weakness.

    We allow people with downs syndrome to procreate. Not naturally mind you, no. No no no, they are naturally sterile, so we let them have children via IVF, passing along all the weak genes associated via completely un-natural methods. Sure, maybe not a "big deal" in one case but if it becomes more prevalent there goes the species. Is this right? Not in my mind.
  9. No.

    As an individual, with all the human failings, I have no problem with the concept of terminal vengeance.

    However, I believe that society (at least, any society I would want to live in) should be better than that.

    And there's the miscarriage of justice argument, which i consider compelling in itself.
  10. OK the majority is no and thats fair enough...

    But what about repeat offenders?
  11. No. To me it's like suicide. The easy way out. Making someone constantly think of their mistakes would be more of a punishment than simply taking their life, provided of course that they had a conscience... Many things to consider overall. Some people I am sure we would be better off without, greatest good for the greatest number, but how do you make that distinction?

    This sounds backwards, supporting someone for the rest of their life would surely be more expensive than a single injection?
  12. No, vigilante style is heaps more fun.
  13. No, it is better punishment to be in jail for life. The people they hurt (and those that loved thoes people) are hurting for a long time - so should the offender.

    I also agree with Chef - being alive give them a chance to prove they are innocent if they have been wrongly accused.

    We stopped the death penalty for a good reason!
  14. You don't TREAT a terminal cancer; you surgically remove it for the health of the rest of the body.
  15. I read a book on the Anita Cobby case a few years ago (she was a nurse who was repeatedly raped and murdered in the most brutal way). At that time (late 80's) it cost around $44,000 a year to keep these guys in maximum security. Big money when you talk life imprisonment and IMHO better spent in other ways.

    Like I said in my first post, I think it is appropriate in certain circumstances only.

    From a psychological aspect, I think that many of these people dont feel guilt or remorse because put simply they are not wired that way.

    Just offering a different view point...
  16. You've been watching some Yahtzee Croshaw!
  17. Yes.
    If there is evidence proving someone guilty than im 100% for it.

    What about the money it saves? why are we paying for these people? i did a project in school and i cant remember but for a life sentence it costs tax payers millions to house these sickos. not to mention that it has been said judges are urged to come up with alternatives to jail for some offenses as they are too over crowded so people are getting a slap on the wrist.