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Would YOU tap that??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/who/a...rmer-bodyguard-has-filed-a-sexual-harassment/

    Supposedly, he didn't wanna see Britney naked...

    Hell, even I'd be okay with it. I mean, I think she's a bit of a ho... but she's crazy weird and loony so it makes up for it.

  2. yeah guess equal opportunity is working well....
  3. Sounds like a pretty standard story of sexual harassment.
  4. I'd tap it
  5. When I think of Britney these days, I usually get a mental picture of that mangled doll from Toy Story, the one missing an eye & completely bald, except for a little tuft of hair sticking out at an odd angle ...

    Hang on... This one:


    So, no, I wouldn't.
  6. hahahahahahhahahaha!

    she was hot when she was in her prime... she's over her prime now :(

    pity she could never sing and all her music sucks
  7. If he wasn't interested, he wasn't interested. Even someone who's not actually bothered by the nudity etc. would eventually get pissed off about having it thrown at them over and over again every bloody working day.

    Believe it or not, not all men are perverts.

    And that's the not-verbose version :p.
  8. I think she was illegal back then too.

    and yep, never could sing.
  9. Yeah, she was about 15 or 16 when she poped up.
    just as well the guy wasn't hired by Amy Winehouse... what is wrong with her fans!?!?!?!
  10. I'd tap that, then once again in the morning for good measure :)
  11. Oops.. you'd do it again?
  12. Right, so her vaginal flora and fauna can get right up yer urethra.
  13. Think about it seriously people;

    --Her mental state was unstable, of which her sercuirty guard would of see time and time again.
    --One moment she makes sexual advances, other moments she's abusing him.

    IF (and good on him for not) he did "tap that", I'd bet my left nut either she or her father would file a law suit against him for sexual assault or something else of that nature.

    Equal rights - my fukn arse.
  14. browny, i made this thread as a joke hun :)

    she was in her prime like 8 years ago. she's now a crazy hag!

    2002 britney:

  15. She's a hot mess...I'd tap that, I reckon everyone would. That guy must be gay
  16. Well since he doesnt want to "tap that", I think he has the right to turn up to work and be in a professional environment without abuse and harassment.

    I dont think sexual advances by themselves constitute harassment, I think adults can communicate what they want to each other, but ongoing stuff like this isnt right. This is Britney Spears we are talking about here, I dont think the bodyguards story is outlandish at all.
  17. Mate have you seen the non air-brushed photos? This sheila is the youngest mutton dressed up as lamb on the planet.

    Bushpig. Chew your arm off in the morning.
  18. This...
  19. ....is hilarious! ibast, you're a walking legend!