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Would you stop?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Trauts, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. This happened to my wife driving to work on Wednesday morning.
    She was sitting in stopped traffic (she drives a black Pajero) 3 lanes of stopped traffic.
    A scooter rider (this is not a scooter rider bash) was splitting the traffic. Said scooter rider comes past her car and in an attempt to get around the driver-side mirror bashed and scraped our car then into the car along side her, then back onto her car.
    My wife got out of the car and looked at the damage, along with the other car driver, but the scooter was gone.
    Net result.... 2 dirty big scratches down the right hand side of our car because of an incompetant rider who chose not to face up to the consequences of their actions. F*** Wit!!!!

    Would you have stopped if you were said rider?
    I think its fine to split stopped traffic, But i also think that if you are splitting you are still responsible for damage to any vehicles you connect with while splitting. Same as any other accident!

    end rant......
  2. I'd never be such an incompetent twat as to do that in the first place.

    If a person is that ludicrously incompetent, it doesn't surprise me that they wouldn't stop.
  3. why would the scooter HOON ;) lol stop?

    probably has no insurance and the damage would cost more than what the scooter is worth, hit and run...

    get the rego?

    or even a good description, chances are you'll see that person again same road etc...
  4. haha :) Touche`!

    That was my first thoughts.... alas no. My wife quite rightly said "They all look the bloody same...."
  5. Maybe he first ride.
  6. If I did that much damage (and it's pretty easy to know), yes, I would stop, if only to avoid potential charges of leaving the scene of an accident. A gentle brush of pannier on bumper or pinkie on mirror however, probably not. Since the death of the Blue Whale and obtaining a more sensible commuter, however, I've not even been close to making contact while filtering/splitting.
  7. i actually hit a guys mirror with my own once...just a tap, knocked it forward, when i was a noob (well, i am still new to riding, but was much noobier) I just pointed to the nearest side st, pulled in there, and the guy pulled in too, checked to make sure his mirror clicked back ok and electronics still worked.... he was pretty cool about it, i felt pretty retarded...

    so yeah, i would probably stop :)
  8. If I were to do the same thing I would have stopped. The scooter driver should have stopped. Couldn't your wife or the other car driver catch the plate number?

    My brother and newphew were in Apollo Bay a few months back on a vacation and my nephew was driving on his car L's. He scratched a car while doing some low speed car park manouveres. Long story short scratched another car got out put a note on it. The owner called my bro back to say thanks for the note and that all was ok.

    However 2 months later my bro has just received a letter from his insurance company asking to pay $600. And rightly he has to pay as it was his son who damaged somebody elses property.
  9. I was riding a friends cruiser once and wasn't certain of the width of the bike. I was squeezing through at a walk quite comfortably until I came up next to a Porshe, so I adjusted slightly away from it accordingly. I then hear a small tap and turn to see my mirror tap the mirror of the 4WD in the other lane. I turn to the passengers and it's an Asian family just staring at me (or the bike, it's a gorgeous white V-Star, gets A LOT of looks) mouths agape. I say sorry, they continue staring and say nothing, I just keep going. I brushed a rear fender the other day with my boots, as I had my feet splayed a little, driver said nothing and I kept riding.

    If I did actual damage then I would definitely stop.
  10. If so, he is an idiot for trying to filter so soon.
  11. I never filter/split :( ... I just hate paying fines. Even scooters will split past me, making me feel like I've let the rest of the motorcycling community down by not keeping ahead of them.
  12. I've tapped unpainted mirrors with my mirror and not stopped, but to scratch another vehicle and keep going is just wrong.
  13. i'd only keep going because i'd be to embarrased to be seen on a scooter.
  14. She probably didn't notice. When she stopped to do her lipstick thought "Why are my mirrors crooked?"
  15. Nah, I just ride off, especially if it's a 4WD.


    Would stop for sure.
  16. I clipped a car recently...

    Forgot I had panniers on and had a decent 'thunk' as I hit his rear bumper. Pulled over, walked back to him (he was looking pretty nervous, maybe thinking "this guy in full leathers hits my car and now wants to carry on"?), said g'day, apologised and wanted to make sure that his car was ok. He got out and we had a look; no damage (soft panniers vs 70's chrome) and had a bit of a chat. Ended up with smiles and handshakes as the last thing he was expecting was for me to come back and take responsibility for what happened.

    I thought it strange that he would think anyone would *not* stop. But I guess this thread shows my naïvety.
  17. ive only ever hit a handful of mirrors, and even then its been a very slight hit, or they have started moving to block me and in my attempts to get through...

    id stop if i did any real damage though. a mates dad decided to split past a porche i believe it was, and forgot he had his hard panniers on. one insurance claim later...
  18. I tapped a car mirror the other week as I didnt know if I damaged it I just stopped but the guy got out yelling, I told him to calm down as it was an accident and that I have insurance and asked if he had damage as I would sort it. He continued yelling that it wasnt an accident as I was splitting. I asked again if he had damage and he finally admits that he doesn't but continues to yell at me.

    This was intimidating on a large bike for me so I can imagine it would be very intimidating for a woman on a scooter. They may have been too intimidated to stop after hitting two cars especially as one was a 4wd as we have all heard of stories of them trying to run over scooters in road rage. If they had stopped they could have been concerned that they may be killed.

    They may have gone to the local police station instead to report the incident as that would be best to ensure that they were not a target of road rage.

    Have you checked with the police?
  19. Clipped a commodore mirror on my L's, stopped in the bus bay a few metres up and the guy pulled in. No damage, told me to keep it sane cos his mate lost an arm in a bike accident and we went on our way.

    The only time I can envision myself not stopping would be if the person deliberately put themselves in my path / was acting like an aggressive knob.
  20. I've clipped 2 mirrors in my time riding (~16 months), the first was a lack of experience and gave a 4wd a clip with my own mirror, stopped apologised - no issue. The other was the barest of nicks, was a week ago and was a cock in a commadore who saw me and then deliberately tried to shut the gap by sharply swerving as he came to a stop... not enough as it turns out. If I'd a mind to stop, it wouldn't have been to apologise, I assure you.