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Would you still ride to work, if you couldn't lane split

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. in liew of this thread i am curious, would you still ride to work, if you couldn't lane split/filter :grin:


    curious to hear from those in the other thread? Do you put a value on time? :) and no this wasn't started to start the whole is is safe.... should we be able to/shouldn't we be able to.... but if THEY DID CHANGE THE LAWS, would you still ride?

    Keep all your bitching to the other lane splitting/filtering threads

  2. Well I have only ridden to work once and I would say the answer to this question is a very big very fat NO !!
  3. I would. Bus lanes ftw.
  4. Yes - cause there's not much traffic really in Adelaide.
    Splitting makes it easier but it's not the most important part of riding to me.
  5. yep would still ride to work! Would probably still split as well, just look out for cops and if I get fined it will still probably be cheaper than the car.
  6. Yeah, even though I'm a part-time bike commuter, I'd probably still ride the same amount. I'd change my route, though, probably do more rat runs etc.
    I also think I'd probably split anyway - just very warily.
  7. If i couldn't lane split at all i probably wouldn't ride to uni/work.
    I hate sitting in traffic on the bike.
  8. yeah ... i would... parking still cost money and still cheaper to run..
    splitting lanes is just a added bonus lol :grin:
  9. Of course. I just love riding.
  10. I'd still split anyway, it like speeding at 5 ks over the limit, everyone does it and no-one cares..
  11. Yep I'd still split, and if i got nabbed i'd just wear the fine ( like i dont have a collection of em anyway ) :LOL:

    The pro's far outway the cons :p
  12. Yep. The buslane across the SHB makes it worthwhile. Most days I don't bother lane splitting at all unless traffic is really bad.

  13. Still split as normal.
    Like they can do anything at peak times and police resources would not be ustilised for such a small revenue gain from splitting motorcyclists.
    The whole law would be unworkable anyways.
  14. yes i will.

    lane splitting/filtering is not my main concern when riding to work - its the fun of riding the bike. :)

    if i have to split/filter, i will depending on the situation at the time, just make sure cops aren't around when i do. :cool:
  15. Lane Splitting? Whats the fuss?

    I will yes always and forever, my self preservation tells me if I ride a bike then I have the right to take the front row at all intersections. No law is going to make me compromise on my safety and I see sitting in traffic as unsafe. If Im in front of them they cant hurt me. If Im beside them they can hurt me so screw the law on this one IM LANE SPLITTING!!

    As stated above (other posts) how can a cop pull you over anyway, spec in peak hour. If there is a cop just lane split till you get behhind them and stay there till they move off.
  16. hehehe which one the bike or shaun :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    *im going to get a hand to the forhead soon from curtaingirl soon*
  17. I agree insofar as the expectation it will be treated like other minor misdemeanors. But just to look at a worst case scenario - suppose the penalty for splitting is something really draconian, like say $1,000 and a months suspension? Would that change behaviour?
    I have absolutely no evidence that this will happen, but just remembeer that there is a plan being debated at the moment to massively increase all penalties, so it's not totally impossible.
  18. yeah i agree with most..... i would still continue to ride to work and also split, just be on the look out for mr. police man.
  19. yeah id still split, but its going to be hard to police unless there is a coppa on a bike hunting you donwn from behind
  20. 4 degrees when I left this morning for work, raining and the roos were about . By the time I hit traffic I split. Will continue to split despite what laws ignorant men bring in and to ride to work. Cant stop now. I'm addicted , totally.