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Would you steal a bike with no brakes and can only turn left

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by randy_rider, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. There's only one thing sillier than stealing a speedway bike and that's riding one! Having stood on the infield at many a speedway meeting and seen these inspired maniacs go round, the skill and daring still confounds me. And yet, when they get off the bikes, you'd swear they were just like you and me!
  2. I'd be more worried about the swingers on speedway sidecars more than solo riders, now those guys are crazy.
  3. C'mon, guys, they are ALL crazy!!!
    Amazing and admirable, but still crazy!
    Only slightly more crazy than road racing sidecar passengers who can, of course be easily recognised in a crowd as the people who are flat on one side.
  4. No brakes??? No wonder they pummel into each other and other objects so hard??

    What do they do if they are going head-on into a wall?? Jump off??
  5. yep, no brakes at all. They stop by throwing the bike sideways into a slide, and then, when it's going slow enough they put their boot down on the track and skid to a halt. The boot has a steel plate on the bottom that's strapped on and stops their boots from being worn away when they're sliding through the corners.
  6. FMD! They are crazy buggers! However I bet they would glide around corners on the road with great eaze!
  7. There is a test to see if you are suitable as a sidecar swinger. What you do is hold a lighted candle to one ear of the applicant. Then blow in the other ear. If the flame goes out you have found the perfect swinger.
  8. Even crazier are the ice racers.

    Their tyres are studded with steel spikes.

    If your in front and fall off, you get a nice tattoo of the guys tyre spikes who was right behind you.
  9. That's right. Ice racers are whole different breed of crazy. Can I suggest you get a copy of "On Any Sunday" if you want proof.
    If they are heading for the wall, out of control (which they are most of the time) they lay the bike down on the lowside and hope that they skid away fro the bike. The worst speedway acccidents are being sandwiched between the bike and the fence, and being run over by another bike/s, both of which happen often, hence the fearsome injuries that speedway riders incur on a regular basis.
  10. Any Given Sunday?
    Will do. I saw a brief bit about it on 'Any given sunday' (the tv show).
  11. No, not "Any Given Sunday"
    The movie is called "On Any Sunday" Itr was made in about 1972 by Bruce Brown the surfing movie director. It starred Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen and is available on DVD suitable for Australia. I bought my copy from Sanity.
    It is the DEFINITIVE motorcycling movie/documentary.