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Would you ride this .

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by midnight, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. No!

    Keep that sort of decoration for the bedroom :p :D
  2. No I lost my stripes when I left the army :LOL:
  3. Bet that thing just purrs along..
  4. I think we've seen this pic before, if not this pic, then this bike.

    I'm pretty sure the consensus was that it was a stunt bike, and the furrings (fairings + fur = furrings) were to disguise the copius amount of damage...
  5. now you're just being catty, pete
  6. Just paws for a second Hornet... That wasn't called for!!!
  7. I like it! It's like a bike version of a Pimp mobile... :shock:
  8. yep would have to be centre stage for a porno
  9. Must be some dang furrin manufacturer...
  10. What it needs now is a set of big arse subbies and some of that suspension which bounces the vehicle. Then you could do some chap laps. :)
  11. That's matches my g-string.

  12. New Triumph Tiger?? :facepalm:
  13. no heart beat , so its not worth riding :wink: :LOL:
  14. groberts wrote

    When has that ever stopped you :LOL:
  15. No panniers. Couldn't use it for *serious* riding.

  16. Oh the pain of cleaning bug guts out of it. One would almost go insane. still it is original. Maybe Triumph should think about it 8)
  17. Probably has to be licked clean.
  18. Thank you for that lunchtime sensation.