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Would you ride on this tyre?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cyrax, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]



    Ouch huh? Has anyone ever gotten anything like this before? I don't know what I ran over or what it is that I need to avoid next time.
  2. Yep had a tyre like that, got it off the bike ASAP. It didn't make the tyre go flat but I could see the innards of it.
  3. Looks like you ran over a sharp bit of metal or something. I'd be looking at replacing that tyre as soon as possible, it could end in distaster if it lets go at a bad time (for example, when you're stressing the tyre by cornering hard... :shock: ).
  4. True true... where do you get cheap tyres? I'll probably be going with Metzeler again if they still make them for the GPX250, they seem to be a good tyre. How much would you expect to pay for front and rear tyres? I remember the rear cost $183 installed last time, that's from Mick Hone. Hoping i can get it done cheaper than that this time.
  5. Nice unexpected expense just before christmas. Agree with rb, on what you ran over, you can see the white scratch marks around the cut, which also looks like its going run open more. Definatly replace ASAP
  6. Tyres are not the one thing I would skimping on.
  7. I don't mean cheap as in low quality, i mean i want a good quality tyre at a low price, below retail if i can... maybe i'll just go to tim at bikemart.
  8. You could always try a wreckers... Like DCM in Coburg, change a tyre for $10 + like not much for a 2nd hand tyre... they pull it off the wheels before they sell 'em anyway... it's good if you're hard up at christmas
  9. Any cord(wire/cord reinforcements) damage on a tyre is an instant defect. I wouldn't trust that tyre to ride on and off a trailer!
    Lots of good cheaper brands of tyres around, but you'll have to match what you do with the bike to the tyres you select.
    I love my Cheng Shin Barracudas, but I do not ride 10/10ths. I do enjoy getting the bike over and using a fair bit of power, and my bike is a heavy beast, so it's not kind to tyres, but these tyres do the job well. My bike sees ALL conditions too, it's a commuter. No problems in the rain!
    They'll be about 2/3rds the price of equivalent name brand tyres, and have been around forever.
    And please, don't bag them if you haven't used them! Riding them in and out of an oily workshop is not a test!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. If the Metzeler's aren't available, I think I might go for Dunlop GT501 Arrowmax tyres since they're reasonably priced and offer decent performance, I've heard bad things about grip with the Cheng Shin's, read this quote:

    ...so they may not do me well when it comes to the twisties.
  11. here is a photo of a friends tyre :D

  12. Hey JS

    I think your friend with the gsx-r should get a lighter girl/boyfriend.
  14. I wouldn't ride in it.
  15. How would you ride in it even if you wanted to anyway? :? :LOL:
  16. hey take wheel off yourself and take into bike store pay only for tyre and fit balance on the wheel itself that should lower price slightly.
  17. Damn dyslexic keyboard. :LOL: Or did someone swap the keys about? :roll:
  18. haha GG :LOL: :p