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Would you resell a Christmas present

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. No

  2. Yes

    0 vote(s)
  1. So the question is would you resell a gift??

    Personally I wouldn't, it may end up in a bin if a cheap thing but it would sit in the shed for a while before I fling it.

    Mind you I've been known to give a present to someone else the following year, especially if I get a Chris Cringle boobie prize.

    Reaon for this poll? It's the current Poll Question on Sky News

    (Oh, by boobie prize I mean crap present not the other often used meaning of boobie on here)

  2. ....no, but I might give it to someone who I thought might like it. Othewise, it's the Wednesday Night trip to the footpath...
  3. id try to re sell it. But most crappy pressies - not much luck. Trade off!!!
  4. I remember years ago we bought my step Father a 500 piece puzzle...you know the landscape scenery kind.

    It sat, still shrinkwrapped, in the cupboard for the year, so the following Christmas we wrapped it up and gave it to him again :p

    So no I wouldn't sell my Christmas presents, but I might 'recycle' them :grin:
  5. why not sell them? I dont understand why not. If you put them in the back of a cupboard or garage they will just end up in a garage sale down the track.

    Why not give it to a charity if you dont like the thought of selling it? Hey, rspca used to take all unwanted bedding and such - maybe I should take my pillow cases there!
  6. i wouldnt because id feel bad. someone has tried to give me something they think i want and im gonna pawn it off
  7. Exactly....so Halifax when your get my poster size autographed self portrait next Christmas I can expact to see it taking pride of place on your wall :)

    Reminds me of shows where the inlaws or someone buys a god awful present for someone, and it gets shelved until by chance that person comes to visit...then out it comes :LOL:

    Or that lurvly shirt you just dont wanna wear...

    Anyone had a situation like that?
  8. with the pressie i got from my old folk yeah i'd sell it....

    we all got promo T shirts for some accomodation place on the Gold Coast...(dad drives busses up there a few times a month)...... Me, my wife, and my sister all got the same thing...... at least now when i get a bike i have 2 good polishing cloths :LOL:
  9. Yeah, sell em. Thats what ebay is 4. :)
  10. You betcha I would... and quite on topic this Christmas I received a double up on two presents so I consequently have for sale:

    1 Pancake Maker
    1 Trivial Pursuit South Australian Edition

    Both in absolutely brand new, mint condition. Never been opened. Never been used.

    Make me an offer :grin:
  11. oh i have a sandwich maker to sell/trade too.
  12. I'm counting on people to sell their unwanted gifts on eBay...it's your gift so you should do what ever you want with it.

  13. Your shitting me right?
    A South Australia version of triv? LMAO.
  14. Nope not shitting you.... was developed with proceeds going to charity ... I think.

    Interest?? :p

    Come on you know you want it :wink:
  15. A couple have already dissappeared. Don't know where they went "Honest officer".


    Dunno dear, was here earlier. Then pretend to look. Hornett says Wed trip to footpath. Ours is Thurs eve for collection Fri AM.

    Or Over the fence.

    Sell em. No. Chuck em, yep. If very expensive, try to trade them quietly. But then no one gives me anything expensive anyway.
  16. I have been known to regift presents. But I much prefer my aunties idea of leaving presents by the door to wait for someone to break them.
  17. You don't like that present? what is it?