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Would you quit road riding for...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gsxrjames, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Let me give you some background first. The possibility of exile on this one is quite large. 8-[

    For me, riding is all about the fun and excitement. I no longer commute, don't ride for transport or to the shops. The bike is my hobby/past time used on weekends and after work. I've done a few track days and would love to do more. Going forwards, I think my riding will very much focus on infrequent 'spirited' rides and/or hopefully track days.

    One of the best things about motorcycling for me is the 'bang for buck,' fun on a budget aspect. I'm also keen on high performance cars and occasionally find myself browsing carsales etc checking out the exotics.

    Talking to the mrs the other day, dreaming about our future salarys I showed her a few cars I'd love to own one day. "Look this f355 is only $95k, Maserati/Exige/etc. only $55k!"

    The response I get to this typical rambling is usually 'well, if you gave up road riding I'd support it.'

    So there-in lies the question.
    Would you give up road riding if you owned a car with performance similar to that of a bike?

    I'm not talking about a worked falcon or skyline, but a super car that could absolutely haul ass in standard fashion, sound amazing and have that wow factor. :driver:

    I don't think I could ever stop riding all together. If I stopped road riding I'd definitely get a track bike or trail (which I've checked would be allowable :)).

    I think I'd seriously consider ending my weekend riding if I was in a position to own a small block Italian v8/v12, high end lotus, Audi R8 :bolt:

    Are there any cars you'd hang up the leathers for?
    Have you owned an exotic car and have any insight?

    I've got my flame suit on for this one so go nuts :D :popcorn:
  2. Well hello Mr Mazerati. Are you keen on keeping the wife?
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  3. I have a car thats faster than my bike, and the answer is no*

    *But i'm still on a 250 :D

    EDIT; Read you stated supercar afterwards...my bad, need cliffs for a post that long though :p
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  4. If she wont let you have both and you can afford it get rid of her, although that could be very expensive as well.
  5. You aint getting no bike beating super car for under $150k.

    The $55k for the Maserati sounds good, but would probably be blown away by a Mazda6. Not to mention parts, tuning etc = $$$$$$

    I used to play with cars, track and street, and have driven some 9, 10 & 11 second cars. None of which come close to the feeling of nailing a good ride.

    And unless you have that sort of money to throw around, a fast car on a budget doesn't really work, and soon becomes a "why the fuck did I buy this" situation.

    Saying all that, I WILL have a 1973 Porsche one day.
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  6. no. not while im living in melbourne.
    I have a car thats faster than my 600 (top end and corners) and it's a hell of a lot of fun.... but too often ive split past a ferrari on my way to or from a ride and thought you poor bastard, you're stationary and all that stop start is wearing your car out for nothing!

    living out of town... where you can enjoy the drive straight away then perhaps.
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  7. Considering that on a true exotic must of the pointless optional extras will cost as much or more than a decent Japanese sportsbike then there's really no reason to have to choose between the two. If on the other hand you're looking at cheap, used exotic sportscars - then get ready to sell the bike and the mrs to cover the running costs.

    Standard rule with exotics (or any Italian vehicle) is never buy one unless you can afford to buy three. ;)
  8. Car of your dreams and still be able to track or trail? I think I could handle that.

    I also only ride as a hobby and in the evenings/weekends as well. I'm now addicted to the thrill of riding, which you'll be able to maintain on track or trail days.

    For the rest of the time, you'll be able to have as much fun in your "dream car".

    Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche Carrera GT - Sign me up! :D
  9. The boy sells his bike, I'll sell him!
    I can appreciate luxy cars but have no real desire to own one, loving 2 wheels too much ;)
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  10. IMO the only cars that even come close (on feel) are the more developed clubman roadster things. And then you might as well have a bike.

    Driving is drudgery 95% of the time, no matter what car. The only place I'd choose a car is on the Hume.
  11. Road Riding on motards has a totally different connotation to a street bike
  12. Yep. She'll most likely be funding it too :)

    Probably not 'beating' but definitely in the ball park. A Maserati 4200 with get to 100kmph in 4.6?s, I'd love to see a mazda6 do that.

    Yeah I know what you mean. I've owned a race only alfa, driven various race/drift cars and you still can't match the feeling of a long sweeper on a bike. It's purely a hypothetical at the moment (and probably the next 10years) but I know the budget for maintenance would be huge.

    A 1973/4 carrera rs would be sweet.

    True that. Forgetting about the money though, if you HAD to chose between a road bike or car, would there be any car you'd rather over a bike?
  13. I would never give up riding to drive a car for the sake of just driving a car.

    There are 2 reasons for this. Cost is the main one, and (as shown by AMCN and Wheels (I think it was) an $18000 Suzuki GSXR1000 was faster around a circuit than a $450000 Porche) there isn't a car that can out perform a performance bike.
  14. Really?

    Even relatively cheap jap cars can be made to pretty damned fast for not a huge amount of $$$ with some bolt-on bits. All you need are a few tools, a bit of know-how, and some time..
  15. Hmm difficult question as it is hard not to think about the money-

    Aston Martin V12 Vantage, looks, performance and that exhaust note but a lot of coin; would I choose it over having a bike? If I was retired/did not have to work and could spend my time driving it on the open road then guess the answer is yes I would have it over a bike.

    Back in the real world of still having to go to work to earn the aforesaid coin then the answer is no.

    Cheers Jeremy
  16. I've done a supercar drive day which included a Vantage, Ferrari & Lambo Superleggara, Ferrari F430, Massarati GT.... and honestly... my little 250 gave me more joy (and still does) the first time I went for a ride than that drive day.

    On a materialistic level - For the cost of a supercar I can put a nice deposit down for a house, and buy 10 dream bikes.

    On an ego level, when you ride, you don't get random hicks yelling out, "F'in rich ****!" not realising its just a wannabe 'hire-car' drive day.

    On a "are you hot" level... you get more looks on a bike than in a Ferrari from chicks.... unless you're after dudes.. then you get more looks
  17. One day hopefully...

    mrs stresses massively on the weekends which isn't something I like to put her through. She'd much rather I was on a track, away from nut job drivers. If sitting behind the wheel of a ferrari is something I need to do to make her happy, I'll make the sacrifice :).
  18. Bugger so not only am I invisable to cages but chicks as well - damn
  19. NO. Simple as that.
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  20. got the cash to do it - answer is still no....50k could build you an epic mancave or 2 top of the line brand new bikes...or in my case a awning a kick ass bbq kitchen more bikes top of the line appliance's in the house a marriage and still have 30 odd grand left over from that 50k....the bikes are for ME to enjoy...MY passion...i'd rather spend extra cash on making home life more pleasant......so the question shouldn't be will you give X up for X...it should be you asking yourself what your true passion is.

    we will happily burn your leathers and beat you down if you decide to leave us - such is the toll for leaving the club.

    (well i can't beat down anyone but i'll stand behind others yelling YEAH...GET IM' in a mexican accent.)