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Would you pull your head in right away or what?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Paulstar3, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. eugh... i quit if this comes here
  2. This doesn't bode well for moi...

    Just going out to lunch I 'may have' knocked some smart arse high school kid over for bothering me. Lotsa witnesses cause it was town hall too...if I did in fact do the thing I hypothetically did 8-[
  3. I always say something like this, but where would I go? Back to India? I like India 'cos we get away with these ridiculous things which really do not matter..but now this?!

    Where would you go?
  4. There should be an infrared camera which is a '******** o meter' and if someone ranks higher than 4 or 5 points on the DH meter its a free for all =D>
  5. *d i c k h e a d* o meter'
  6. Haha no.

    We would learn to use photoshop, and flood the hell out of the thing with fake allegations OR report police doing the wrong thing.

    We would also mercilessly harass the bejeesus out of any of the filthy snitches who post on the wall.
  7. yep it's crazy idea, would never of guessed india would be the place this sort of thing would start out......i think the com games will change that place forever and not in a good way, shame cos it's such a raw look at life
  8. If this comes here nobody would use it anyhow, we have a very strong anti-dobber culture to begin with. No snitch is going to publicly do it on facebook and risk being shunned by the community.
  9. Also with our crazy fines for using a camera phone whilst driving I dont think too many people would be game.
  10. I love those fines. They're the one thing keeping me safe on my daily split.......sorry, commute :twisted:.
  11. riders around the world should just bombard the site with bollocks photos.
  12. I am really liking the fact that the majority of posts are seeming to be for faking of the numberplates (the paper numberplate is truly excellent).

    I am wondering how the Delhi Police will be tracing these criminal types. :cheeky:
  13. Nah.

    Maybe it used to be like that, but I don't think so. Not anymore.
  14. the little snitches who try and do everyone in for not wearing a seat belt, fancy lettering on their numberplate, parked with the wheel a little bit on the gutter etc etc.

  15. I keep telling myself that we do, but you're probably right, depressing as that is.