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Would you pay for personalised plates?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fruechtel, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. I see again and again personalized plates both for bikes and cars advertised for anything from "a moderate amount of money" to "astronomical amount". Quite frankly I would not pay one dollar more for a customized plate, but I am really interested in what motivates riders / car owners to fork out that dough for a different number plate. In some instances the plate is worth more than the vehicle it is mounted on.
    ( On a Hong kong visit I was told that the plate 8888 sold for over a million dollars) :greedy:

    And why does my spell checker pick me up on personalised, when that is the spelling used on the Qld government site?
  2. Only if I had a moderate or astronomical amount of money laying around that I couldn't find something better to do with.
  3. And that is exactly how I feel, wouldn't there always be something better to spend your money on?
  4. Would I pay a modest one-off fee? Maybe.
    Would I pay every year for the privilege? HELL no!
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  5. I'm stupid enough to be paying for custom NSW plates on my car for 30 years and the bike for 3 years. $$>sense?
  6. Not me personally but I have friends who have. It is just another form of bling.

    You have the USA dictionary loaded in your browser, they love their 'Zeees' those yanks. Depending on your browser Dictionaries are usually a plug in.
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    Not that I go out of my way to do anything wrong on a bike - but I prefer not to pay for the privilege to be more conspicuous to Mr Plod.

    ie: How many times have you seen a particular car or bike go by with personal plates and you remember them. Even more so if they've made a mistake, cut you off, etc? If you're like me they just stand out - and are remembered.

    I like my "mistakes" not to be remembered. (Especially if I do them in front of off duty cops) :)

    Rather I prefer to blend in on a bike - not get any additional attention more than I need. Having to pay for personalised plates just nails that coffin for me.
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  8. I think in Victoria, it's a one off fees and then afterwards you pay the standard rego every year.

    At $500, the one off is still expensive...
  9. I have them on the car AND one of the bikes bc I like them. It's a one off fee in Vic, not every year. Same as some people like fancy exhausts or custom paint jobs.
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  10. It's not too bad then. I've thought about it but LAZY is already taken. :p
  11. What about L4ZY?
  12. That looks a bit odd.

    I like LAEZY but I've a bit of OCD so still not sure.. :D
  13. I've got heaps of them for cars over the years.
    Just sitting in storage now.
    Got my kids plates with their names. These are stuck on their bedroom door until they are 18 I guess.

    I did sell one for $5k once. So maybe I'm even up on the deal so far.
  14. This is not such a hard plate to decipher, but I have seen some combination number & letters plates advertised, where you really needed the sellers interpretation to understand what it is supposed to mean; and they still want thousands of dollars for them. I would rather get another bike for the money or pay my fuel, rego and insurance for a few years. :cyclops:
  15. I got personalised plates for our two bikes, first time I've ever done it, probably never do it again, but I like the individualism I guess.
  16. Yeh...I like the individualism.

    Maybe one day. ATM I've got a good one.
  17. how about

    imafcukingidiotwith2muchmoney ?
  18. Says he who's just bought a new bike :)
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    no custom plates though

    struggling to put fuel in it at the moment
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    I wouldn't buy rare plates, mine were just the normal customised ones from VicRoads.

    Anonymity isn't a big deal for me. If it was, I wouldn't have them.

    Yeah, gets a bit like that.