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Would you pay $250 for this jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Respi, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I've looked and looked but cannot find for the life of me a Collins jacket that comes close to what this looks like which makes finding a price comparison hard.

    He's asking $250 but because I don't know the product of it's market pricing it's kind of pissing me off working out whether I should pay for it.

    I've seen it in person and it's not a bad jacket with inserts etc but it's kind of heavy! Actually, it's heavy as all fcuk.

    Opinions most welcome.

  2. pretty good price for a collins
    try and haggle some more see if he'll budge
    from memory i think collins start from 500+
  3. dosent look super good quality. but its a leather jacket for 250 what do ya want.

    You can buy a brand name leather jacket (shift,M2r) for around 350-450. It might be worth the extra for something thats gonna last longer and give you better peice of mind.

    I just bough an alpinestars ATL leather jacket from the US about an hr ago. Jackets like this are going for 8-900 in australia. I got it new from a store for about $450 AU delivered with shipping insurance. I havent got it yet and will probably take over a week to get delivered so i cant give it too good a wrap till ive seen it. But there seems to be big money to be saved on expensive jackets from the US.

    Back to your question. you get what you pay for really. you might want to check out the cheap knock off leather jackets you can get from ebay.com.au. or bikersgear.com.au

  4. Did you buy your Shark from OS??
  5. Aww Vic, I know I had problems finding the right FAQ's section but i'm not that much of a retard! :wink:
  6. Although you're post is humerous, I'd appreciate it if you promptly deleted it.

    No need to give potential forum lurking scammers food for thought!
  7. Wow at least no one will know your doing it :LOL:
  8. repsi....are you serious? jesus if a scammer couldnt think of that themselves then theyre just plain stupid. I was obviously being sarchastic.

    Plus its been quoted now so theyres not much i can do.

    Ok Scammers dont do the above....Please :tantrum:
  9. I'm taking into consideration the scammers who have a low IQ and need prompting. :wink:
  10. Removed...why not... :p
  11. ahahaha noice!