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Would you keep riding if...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Unconnected, May 7, 2012.

  1. Yes

    68 vote(s)
  2. No

    29 vote(s)
  3. Maybe soon after, if i had a near miss or something

    3 vote(s)
  1. You walked into a fortune teller who can answer one question with absolute certainty, but only one. You ask her, How am i going to die? She brings you the news that one day, you will die riding. She cant tell you when, where, or specifically how though.

    Would you keep riding with this knowledge?
  2. Die doing what i love... Yes please!
  3. I love riding, and fark, one day, it might kill me. There is no definite.
  4. To the OP....

    You gave a very specific scenario....that it WOULD RESULT in death. Not MIGHT.

    So yeah, I would stop riding. It would mean more to me to see my kids grow up, to grow old with my wife, to share memories with friends...
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  5. yes,

    but only as im a 20yr old single male,

    if i had a serious relationship then i would seriously consider stopping.
    i beleive if i get married, and especcially if i have children i will give it up. as it affects more then just me. i would also persue a management position to support them

    ....... but if i dont find a nice young lady,
    then i want to buy an old warehouse (ideally an aircraft hanger... for obvious reasons) and alter one corner into an apartment, another into a open workshop. and the rest would be for storage of motorbikes in varying states of repair and rego.
  6. I thought you said fortune teller

    Not misfortune teller
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  7. but was she specific bout what you are riding a horse, motorbike, pushbike, lover?
  8. It would be like saying next time you play guitar you will die. Sure you would tell yourself you will never play guitar again, but could you?
  9. Yes, because "fortune tellers" are for the gullible and the stupid, e.g. Labor voters.
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  10. Yes.

    Nothing better in life at this stage :) Love riding.

    Like others have said, answer would be different if I had other things to love.
  11. No question I would give up. And mourn the loss.

    Would I keep riding if I thought it might kill me? Well, we know the answer to that for every reflective person on here.

    But there's a lot of wonderful things in life, including wonderful things I already have and others I could have in my life. Hopefully I can live as long as possible as fully engaged in life as possible before the dying of the light. So stuff motorbikes.
  12. One day? That could be at 103 getting blown on my goldwing by my 5th wife.
  13. doesn't every rider decide that before they start? or at least after the first near miss?

    if you were definitely going to die riding, you have no control over it do you?
    you can't change it so there is no point trying.

    but our future isn't written, it is what we make it

    rent out 'million dollar baby' or better yet 'closer to the edge'

    better to die early having done what you love, than live a long life wondering 'what if' We are all going to die, and there is a million ways to go.
    I couldn't live knowing i was missing out on what i love so dearly.

    would you pass on a trip to the moon because the rocket might blow up? HELL NO
    would you pass on riding in the GP because you might die? HELL NO

    maybe as i get older my view might change but i doubt it
    people who have never smoked get lung cancer, my pop smoked and he is like 93
    children die before they are born. nature is tough.

    Live life how the f uck you want to live it.
    don't let any f ucker judge you.
    Use that body up until it is a burnt out shell, and fly through the gates of hell screaming 'f uck you all because i don't care'
    then have a joint with jimi hendrix or some shit
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  14. Yes because simply by knowing that knowledge is enough to change the outcome. The very fact that you know that, has changed the course of the future and the decision making from then on, making it not certain.

    If you choose not to ride, then it would make her assertion false meaning that she can't have known with absolute certainty. If she did know the outcome, and you changed the path of the future you may well just cause the universe to implode :p
  15. Well for the purposes of this argument, is the fortune teller legitimate? If it was some random clown at a carnival I wouldn't care less, but if this is in a reality where this fortune tellers prophecy is 100% guaranteed to happen, then yes I'd stop riding
  16. I answered yes. Sure as hell beats the other leading causes of death for Australian males, namely heart disease, cancer and stroke.
  17. You wouldn't even notice anyway, if you die it would just be like switching
    off the lights and thats it.

    only the living are affected by death

    riding you have plenty of time to think of these things
  18. The one part of that doco that i looked up too was after witnessing her husband and father of her children die, she said that they would never give it up, not for a second

    I thought that was really something
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  19. A simple question guys, doesn't take any interpretation, if you keep riding you die, scenario is, it can't be changed.


    I would give it up, would hate it but be glad to still be alive...

    Mind you, would be kind of annoying if she revealed that it would be from a heart attack at 95 while still riding ;-P
  20. The problem is, it does take interpretation. Without interpretation the decision has no context. Not to mention, without considering the other effects you can't do it.

    Any level of certainty would completely change the paradigm in which we live.