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Would you jump off the bike at lights and dance about? Who is this rider?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mouth, Jul 12, 2016.


  1. It's been suggested this is uncle greguncle greg :LOL::LOL:

    Anyone able to ID this rider? I'd send him/her a slab :)

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  2. Hmm, that guy's barely got enough moves for a pedestrian crossing stoplight.
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  3. yep
    bought myself a gay bike
    so now i must act gay
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  4. What a champion!
  5. why
    thank you my dear
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  6. Nahhhhhh I've seen uncle greguncle greg dance and he's more of a break dancer that guy was clearly a 'rooty rooty' dancer ;)
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  7. Looks like Tassie...

    Maybe he's taking the bike to trade in hence so happy...
  8. maybe he's pumping himself up to go for a ride at home on his missus map of Tassie (y)
  9. well
    its not me then
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  10. Might be a great way to get some blood flow to the extremities on these bitterly cold days...
  11. can't see video, has the link crashed?
  12. It was a facebook link, I think you have offended his dancing delusions. ;)
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  13. I wish the Cawthorn's all the best - does anyone here know Ben? can we get him to join NR?

    he's got some moves but not sure if they are impressive (though better than what I could do) lol. lots of thrusting so I can see why uncle greguncle greg was a suspect...
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  14. I think uncle greguncle greg is more of a hoochi coochi fan.:hungry:
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