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Would You Hold Out? Or Gun It?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aheung, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. hold out till June and get unrestricted

  2. buy another LAMs now and worry in 6month-1 year time

  1. my situation is this:
    sold my TU250X recently. partly to avoid various renewal fees but also I prefer a more forward leaning bike.
    I don't get off my Ps until June 13.
    I'll be away for 3 weeks in Dec 12. (almost a month a bike will just sit around)

    WOULD YOU get another LAMs bike for now? or hold out till June next year?
    June feels AGES away!
    but i dont want to spend the extra money(any rego/insurance/transfers,etc) in case I end up wanting to upgrade again in 6 months!

    any advice? similar experience?
  2. Id buy another LAMS, as cheap as possible. Saving on insurance/rego/on roads is not really all that much for what you get from the bike.

    I dont see why you would sell a bike because renewal fees are up anyway..? when u buy a new bike u have to pay stamp duty and all that stuff as well
  3. Depends on your financial situation. If you can afford it get another ride, if you cannot afford the hit, don't.
    You don't have to get rid of the LAMS as soon as you go to the full license either. Some LAMS bikes are very easy to de-restrict.
  4. I'd buy something real cheap with rego that you won't lose much on.
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  5. If you have to ask whether or not you should get another bike my guess is that you're really not that much in to riding anyway.
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  6. this - i simply could not survive without a bike for that extent of time - even if i'm not as fanatical about riding as i once was...it's apart of my life and i wouldn't sell myself short trying to tolerate life without a bike for any period of time (up until the police tell me to stfu and rip up my license.)
  7. Get a postie or maybe a seconds hand madass so even when you but a big one you still have a cheap light hoon machine for untold shenanigans.

    Or an RS125 2stroker and keep it as a track/weekend blaster.
  8. that's why i said June is a LONG time to wait!!
    no doubt i will get another bike, just a matter of when.
  9. would have had to pay $500+ for various servicing/rego related costs, better spent on the next ride!
  10. Do it sooner rather than later, any bike is better than no bike.

    Please note though that scooters are not motorcycles.
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  11. i used to get pissed off whenever i tell people i ride a motorbike and they ask if i ride a scooter! hahaha!
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  12. Buy a cheap crappy bike or something that's been thrown down the road, learn to fix it and work on it yourself, potentially sell it for a profit in June, learn a heap of valuable skills you can use in the future.

  13. Shouldn't you have thought about that question before selling your TU??

    Btw I'm not trolling, it's a serious question. There has been a few threads very similar to this before and I just can't fathom how people just sell their bikes when they still want to ride.
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  14. buy the bike you want and ride it anyway.
    hang on, that is bad advice..
  15. I'd buy another bike. Actually, I would've just spent as little as necessary and held onto the TU until I was off restrictions.
  16. I gather the TU is now sold, so not worth talking about hanging onto that one for another 6 months, what you should have done!

    By the timeline you put in your signature, you didn't really own the bike that long, so your riding experience is likely to be limited. You should get yourself another LAMS bike, second hand with a bit of rego left on it. There are plenty of options around which would be more 'forward leaning' (Ninja, CBR, etc). You can get one of them second hand for a reasonable price. Don't insure it, if you just want to ride it for another 6 months.

    It wouldn't be a good idea to go straight into a super sports bike with 750 cc or more, if you have only come off of your Ps, and you haven't been riding for the last 6 months.

    Ride the LAMS bike for at least another 6 months, may be even a little longer to get more experience under your belt. There's plenty of time to ride a more powerful bike later on! At the end, if you're that type of person, you will want to upgrade again not too long after.
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  17. that is good valuable advice! appreciate that!! thanks!
  18. This.

    Get an RS125 which will be loads of fun, then track it or sell it and upgrade.

    I guarantee you won't have taken it to its limits within 6 months and you'll still have fun riding it off your restrictions.
  19. I'd wait, personally. It's not as easy as saying 'I'll get something cheap and just sell it when it's time to upgrade'. From what I've seen, the bike market is reaalllly slow most of the time, so it could take a while to sell.
  20. Get a Madass and keep it. You might have to wait a while longer to get a non-LAMS bike but they are awesome.