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Would you hand back the $10m?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Farab, May 22, 2009.

  1. Yes

  2. Rio, here I come!

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  1. Yes it stealing, but still puts a smile on your face after Robs bank fees thread:


  2. Despite my vote in the poll, I would hand the money back ...... the effort involved in disguising your trail, etc would be too much.

    Besides, I'm not sure I'd enjoy Rio. :p :wink:
  3. nfw......i say screw the banks, and good on them, good to see someone finally got to bend the bank over and insert.....i would spend every cent, a bit on myself, and anyone else i could help along.....i say fcuk em :)
  4. First they stuff up by handing over the $10m, then they hire a PI called Dingwall! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. My criterion for committing any crime (besides moral scruples, of course, but we're just playing with fiction here) has always been that the proceeds have to be enough to fund disappearing: there's no point stealing a hundred grand because you have to hang around in the same country and they're gonna catch up with you eventually. But with 10 mil, you can create a whole new comfortable life in a whole new country. It sounds like the gentlemen were of Chinese extraction: with 10 mil, how easy would it be to vanish somewhere in a country of 1.3 billion people? And set up a very comfortable life indeed.
  6. considering the banks recently clocked up a massive 1 billion profit from bank fees alone, i think they can afford to cop this loss on the chin....
    if it happened to me i would be posting this from a beach in the cayman islands.
  7. Yes I would hand the money back..
    but I would charge..

    An honesty fee.
    A wrongful deposit fee.
    An emergency withdrawl fee.
    And a few more fees yet to be thought of.

    I reckon my fees would be about 10% of the the bank's error.
  8. Which countries are worthwile going to (for the rest of your life) that have no extradition treaties with the west? Brazil, Venezuela?
  9. The idea of it seems awesome. 10 mil richer, as mentioned before staying out of jail and not having you accounts locked down etc would be just a pain in the arse
  10. Also, how would you deal with cutting yourself off from family and friends? 'Coz if you want to carry the disappearing act off successfully, that's effectively what you would have to do.

    Heaps of countries where I would happily spend the rest of my life, and on occasion, I have thought how nice it would be to leave everyone behind and start again, but I couldn't really cut all contact with those close to me.
  11. I wonder if you managed to some how spend/gamble all of it away, would they make you pay it back and how much of it? do you reckon they would setup a $50 a fortnight payment plan, i mean these are tough times.

    How much could you the average person afford to payback??? maybe 500k-750k in a lifetime?? Or would it be straight to jail for the rest of your life :?
  12. Believe it or not I had a large amount of $ paid into my e-trade account when I was in the 'states, can't remember exactly but was up around the $1m mark. I seriously considered taking it but at the end of the day it is stealing and I would've had to do what these guys are doing which just isn't worth it really.

    It took a few days but they eventually corrected the mistake :(
  13. Just drag it out for a few months like the banks would and rake in some tidy interest in the meantime. Mind you, interest rates are pretty shit at the moment, but still got to be worth it.
  14. The bank would probably take the interest earnt on the money anyway.

    If it ever happened to me I would probably just withdraw $4000-4999 every day (I believe if you withdraw $5000 in a single day the bank looks into the transaction manually, well i think Suncorp does anyway). I'd see how long I could get away with it.

    I think its possible in these cases that the bank will never find out. Provided you don't tip them off by being greedy and withdrawing too much in a single withdrawl.
  15. Lol they would figure out that they misplaced 10 million dollars quite quickly. This bloke did the most logical thing to do in an instance like this.

    He packed up as cleverly as he could and did the runner.

    i swear i've seen a movie about something similar.... i think the money fell out the back of a bank truck... based on a true story too... maybe this little fiasco will become a hollywood cashcow too :LOL:
  16. Anyone who thinks they could take the money and run is kidding themselves.
    There's no way you could hide from authorities forever and still enjoy your life. That means no visitng parents, nieces and nephews, not getting married, blah blah blah.....no returning to your home country...

    it's silly. you'd have to give it back.
  17. What, you mean like how they've brough Skaise back? Extradition laws?

    The main issue is leaving your friends and family for me. And $10mil while sounding a lot, is only $200 000 for a couple per year for the next forty years, and a sh!teload of that would be eaten up in inflation over that period and it has to fund your lifestyle and retirement. Its not like you can invest it, you'd need to live a fake life, etc. Added into the fact that a fair portion of lotto winners blow it also, so they'd be stuffed if they became one of the statistics. It sounds a whole lot more glamourous than it actually would be I reckon.
  18. Yeah, it would depend on how close you were to friends and family. We've moved around a fair bit anyway, so I reckon if I could take the wife and daughters we'd be happy somewhere in a tropical paradise without having to work, with new names. Of course you could invest it, with new names in a not particularly tightly regulated country. And you could seriously grow it: even at 5% a year which is very conservative you're on half a mil a year interest only, so you can have a pretty decent lifestyle and still be increasing your wealth. Remember you don't have to invest it in a bank: reckon a couple of Chinese gents coming into a town in China couldn't buy a few businesses with cash?
  19. I've been thinking about this....

    How the hell did he get clean out of the country and know what to do and how with the money?

    Professional job perhaps?

    Speculation i know! :LOL:
  20. Ther is a book called finders keepers by Mark Bowdan (dude who wrote black hawk down) about a dude that found some dosh that fell out of an armoured truck. True story also messed with him for a very long time.