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Would you get one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TonyE, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. I came across this Indian built Honda.

    The Australian equivalent pricing is about $1,400.

    To my mind it would be an excellent little commuter and might do better than many of the current scooters. I reckon as a second commuter bike it might do well here.

  2. it would sell very well based on looks
  3. At least double that retail for local taxes.

    To me it can't compete with the CT110 on any measure.
  4. Looks decent. Instrumentals look good, and for that price, it should be great. What do you think about quality, though?
  5. Neither it should :) - it's $1,400 you've added an extra zero.
  6. Pimp My Postie
  7. Pimp'd well I'd say.

    I would absolutely buy that bike if it was available for the same price here.

    Factor in shipping and a severe rego hassle, and it would be cheaper to buy a first hand GS500E sadly, I'd imagine.
  8. Yeah all i could see the problem with it is the shipping and on road costs as boy racer said..
    Nice little bike tho :D
  9. if i could get it for under $3,000 yes, i'd buy 2. one for my brother and one for me.

    i would NOT get that colour though.
  10. Fair enough, you'd need to get a red one if you wanted to go 80 km/hr plus.
  11. Wonder if you could fit a nos system to it.. then you would be pushing like 12 hp
  12. It was doing well until I started looking at how many times they use the word “trendy” in there PR Guff
  13. Looking at the CBR1000RR and man, are we laughing at Honda! It's about $30k for a CBR1000RR in India... and that's an ex-demo unit too.
  14. CB Unicorn? Me thinks a certain Netrider mod is thanking his lucky stars that Honda Australia hasn't gone with that particular moniker :LOL:
  15. That is because the CBR1000RR isn’t made in India, They have absolutely insane Import Duties on Motorcycles in India.
  16. mate the indians are coming

    try these fiqures 972,095 per 1/4 sales units thats sales of 324,000 per month

    by the way Hero Honda are not Honda its a family owned company in india that signed a 25 year agreement with Honda thats due to end in a few years

    Yes they are investigating bigger engines etc export markets etc and the quality is the same as Honda

  17. i'd buy it, if i was a gay indian
  18. If it was cheap enough, it would probably be a better bet than something like a Sachs.

    But Brucey's put his finger on their problem :LOL:.

    Seriously, though, little Hondas are cheaply made, out of cheap materials. They are great utility bikes but the cosmetics disintegrate very quickly and their ancient engine designs demand frequent attention (ie short oil change intervals) if they're to last to their full potential (which is quite good). However, spares availability and pricing is an order of magnitude better than Honda's bigger bikes so they tend to be very cheap and easy to run.

    I wouldn't see an Indian Honda being significantly worse than a Brazilian one though, based on what I've seen of Brazil's manufacturing ability.
  19. It's going to be crap, don't get too excited everyone!