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would you get a vtr250 if you could have bigger?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by lilau3, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Hi I'm looking at getting back into motorcyling. I had a GSXR250 around 8 years of so ago and I had it for around 1.5yrs while I got my full licence, in that time I didn't get to ride the bike much.

    As I'm not an experienced rider I'm looking for a user friendly bike to build my confidence and learn how to actually ride a bike properly. I'm looking to spend around 5k on the bike and 1k on gear.

    After looking around the VTR250 seems to be a good package but wondering if I should get something bigger seeing as though I can? I'm just under 6ft and 66kgs so I'm a bit of a lightweight.

    So is the VTR250 a good bike in it's own right or is it popular because it is good 250?

  2. If you're in Victoria I'd recommend getting something bigger - but still LAMs legal. That way when LAMs does come into affect in a year or so it's value will most likely go up ;). You're hardly too big for a VTR but why buy a 250 which has to work hard when you can buy something with a larger displacement that's less highly tuned but no bigger or heavier. Something like a GS500 or ER-5 would probably be perfect.
  3. Exactly, it's a good bike for a 250, but just won't be as comfortable on the highway. Especially compared to an SV650 or an FZ6 or Hornet600 or similar. Your lack of experience would indicate not to get a very heavy bike but modern practical 600's are very light and manageable, and will give room enough for your height.
  4. It's a good 250.

    If you a 250 now, be prepared for it to depreciate a little more than usual when it comes time to sell due to LAMS.

    There are plenty of great bikes around for the same budget, and I truly believe that bikes with more torque (than 250's) are easier to ride.
  5. point taken. Will probably look at the GS500 then although they seem to be a bit thin on the ground in VIC, but I could be looking in the wrong places.

    I do like the Suzuki SV650 however as I have seen a few within my budget. Was a bit put off by anything remotely powerful before I built up my skills, as alot of people on this forum are of the opinion that inexperience + power = the nearest hospital, which is probably dead right, however something like the SV650 would have pretty fantasic brakes and suspension compared to a 250, and as usual it comes down to the brain that's operating it.

    I just don't want to buy something that is out of my league, but I also don't want to waste my 'hard earned' on something that I would sell in 6 months.
  6. If you have a full licence but lack the experience I'd be going for something more midsized. The Suzuki GS500 is a great example, but Kawasaki GPZ500S/ER5/KLE500 (all same engine), XBR500 Honda, Yamaha SRX600 and SZR660 are great options.

    better power also comes with better brakes and handling, but the main thing is if you rode before and didnt act like a tool then there is even less chance that you will now....
  7. I've got a spada, which is essentially the same as the VTR250.

    I want something bigger. But, not anything in the LAMS list.

    The spada / vtr250 are crackers to learn on: sensible powerband, naked & cheap parts (you'll drop it unless you don't practice low speed riding enough), great steerability, looks great.

    They're not ideal for long freeway stints though. Cruising gears run out just after 60 ... after that the RPMs just keep going up with kph. The VTR250 has only 5 gears and different ratios, so not sure if that still applies (or is worse)..

    Also, I'm 5'10 and I wouldn't want the knees any more cramped for extended (2hrs + ) riding - though it's better than any of the faired 250's i think.

    Don't let either of those stop you getting one though. I'd prefer a honkin' 250 to a boring middleweight.
  8. VTR is an awesome bike, and you'll find a nice one for 5k. It'll be great to learn on. No point getting a bigger bike just because you can.

    Besides, 250s depreciate verrry slowly so you could buy it for 5, ride it for 6 months to get some experience, then sell it for 5 again (assuming you take care of it) and upgrade if you feel like it.
  9. the VTRs are a fantastic bike to learn on, their relaxed geometery means they are very forgiving if you fcuk up on em, you really have to stop paying attention badly to give em long enough to hit the tarmac. you can ride em relaxed, or with a couple of mods and keeping the revs about 7k you can fly though the twisties. they are rather undergeared stock, so going up a few teeth on the rear works wonders.
    ive ridden a gs a few times, and unless you are a fat bastard (which you arent) or you were planning on doing shitloads of freeway ks, id get the VTR.
    my VTR is much quicker (up to 100), better stopping and much better cornering than a GS.
    look if i had a full licence, id move straight to something like an SV650, they arent ridiculously powerfull like a sports 600 for what they are. but i understand you wanting to learn the ropes again on a 250.
    if you brought a VTR, did 3 or 4 months and 5000kms on it, you would get your money back on it no worries. you will definatley will not have any issues with it in that time space.

    anyhoo, good luck with it and welcome back!

  10. Nah they are hard to find in Victoria simply because learners can't buy them and most unrestricted riders go for larger bikes. I know I've been looking for one myself but only because I've all but given up trying to find an SRX-6. Of course if you're a sensible rider there's really no reason why you couldn't/shouldn't just go for an SV650.
  11. Around town, I can't imagine anything much more confidence-inspiring than a VTR250. Great bike, light n easy for chix too.
  12. Went and had a look, and a sit on a a few bikes today. I'm sure you guys know all this but I will share my thoughts with you anyway.

    The VTR250 is definately a nice package, it's a very nice design, seems very light and managable, but is perhaps just that little bit small, and my seem even more so once I get used to it?

    GS500 is definately a more substantial bike, feels a bit heavier than anything I have ridden before but still managable, doesn't quite have the design flair of the VTR, but I guess I shouldn't be focusing on that.

    Honda 600 Hornet and SV650 were a nice bikes but a definate step up, not an unmanagable one though.

    VTR's seem expensive, but there are lots available, the other bikes seem to be around around the same price, (the GS500 prehaps a bit cheaper) but probably represent better value, they are thin on the ground though.

    I don't want to break my budget as I'm sure I will be upgrading in a couple of years. I guess it's just a case of scouring trading post etc, until something comes up at the right price as all the bikes are contenders.
  13. I learnt on a VTR250 and it is a brilliant little bike. I wish I could have kept it when I came off the restrictions(wasn't LAMS at the time).

    If LAMS is coming in and it isn't too far away, then wait until LAMS is introduced and the price of a second hand VTR250 should drop.
  14. If you don't love it, why buy it?
  15. I was thinking that. If I can wait that long...

  16. Another good point, I'm an industrial designer so I like a bit of 'visual appeal'.
  17. Life's too short for ugly bikes.
  18. I'm roughly 190 cm (6'2" + change) and over 100kg and although my VTR250 is to small for me I still love it...

    Basically just saying what others have said already;
    * for city riding the power doesn't seem to be a problem. I rarely feel I need more...
    * once I get up to 100km/h I need to plan a few minutes ahead to overtake which is annoying.
    * my legs do get stiff after a long ride but it's not to bad.

    It may just be wishful thinking on my part but I've noticed that the price of the VTR250 in LAMS states is basically the same as in VIC, maybe the price won't drop that much.
  19. If the plan is for limited open road riding and mostly suburban commuting you cant go past a VTR250 if a naked is your style. Brilliant bike for your size and easy to maintain. They just run out of puff if pushed on the open road but will do legal speeds no probs.

    But having said that buy what you feel comfortable on but not what you "think" you will grow into. In other words, buy what you can ride then update when the time is right.
    My 2c worth.
  20. If I am to be realistic about the sort of riding I will be doing it wil be mostly recreational, ie round town and hopefully going on rides with fellow netriders to impove my skills on the open road.