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Would you eat this?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by starlet, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. A canned cheeseburger :sick: :sick: :sick:




  2. They should use those in wartime.............drop them on the enemy.
  3. I don't eat anything straight out of a can....

    but where do I buy it!!!! :grin: My brother works in the mines, he could take his junk food fix with him!!
  4. It's sooo gross and making me feel ill!!

    The cheese at the top in the last pic looks like teeth - I think that cheeseburger is alive :shock:
  5. Fast food burgers usually taste so crappy that this processing could only improve the taste!

  6. They've finally made something worse than those frozen microwave hamburgers.

    That's just so very wrong.
  7. ewwww .... That is wrong in sooooooo many way.
  8. eewww.
    No thanks
  9. Hmmm, I dunno about that... I could go a Mc Chicken ANY day :p
  10. I clicked on that thread title for pictures of fanny.

    I'm not quite sure if I've been duped or not.
  11. So no tuna/spaghetti etc?
  12. I knew someone was going to say that
  13. Looks OK to me ... bit small maybe ... be better if they thought to drop a small sachet of Tabasco and tomato sauce in the top of the can, but ...
  14. If you look at the 3rd pic and squint really hard...
  15. Sh!t Ktulu, if it looks like that there's a problem!
  16. Yep, I'd eat it a hearbeat!!! (probably my last)
  17. Urgh... don't remind me.

    A friend used to get those from the supermarket once a week. Each and every time, he wouldn't manage to finish the burger, and would declare that he'd never get one again.

    Haven't decided if he was a masochist or a goldfish. Or a masochistic goldfish. :p
  18. Cheap at 3.95 Euro HERE
  19. I think IT would need to squint a bit harder.