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Would you do this for a job ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 17, 2009.

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    I guess thats the thing with bikes.
    You can't teach crash test dummy's to balance, you need to use the real thing !
  2. Awesome Hell Yeh! I've always had a thing for crashes where you know the lielyhood of getting hurt is minimal. I have also always wanted to roll a car. With all the proper rollcages etc. I just rekon it'd be such a rush.
  3. bntd. Not much fun imho.
  4. if i was falling off i reckon the rear of my pants would explode out just as quick whilst i s&*t myself :LOL: so prolly not the job for me
  5. im curious as to how it works, it opens while he is still quite a few inches from the ground.
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  7. What about arms, legs, lower back and so on. Just protecting your neck is not up to much given the kind of injuries bike crashes usually incur.
  8. I missed out on doing a jump and had my ride cut short when my cousin rolled the offroad buggy we were in. Pretty anti-climactic really. But it wasn't a particularly dramatic roll.
  9. Lowside test: Check!

    Now lets see the Highside test! :grin:
  10. +1

    And to quote "HeliFreak42" from the comments page;

    " I wanna see that, but over the entire suit, so the rider blows up like a marshmallow and rolls down the road :) "
  11. depends hows the pay?