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Would you do it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by eve, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Hell yeah

  2. Um no... violence is violence

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  3. i dunno - i wasnt there

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  1. A verbal rebuke, maybe, but a slapping doesn't help.
  2. Yep, I'm with Bravus. I probably would've said something, although my bravado seems to ebb and flow :? but 'alleged' losers like that usually get me riled enough to have a few things to say. Bit hard to say without being there.

    Doubt I would've whacked him, I fight like a girl :)
  3. I like the open hand forehead slap though

    its a nice touch.
  4. Ha ha, yeah, kudos to the open hand forehead slap. I actually visualised that happening when I read that bit.
  5. An open palm to the chest is a favourite of mine ;)

    breath mate, what's wrong???
  6. Hell yeah!
  7. Hope it teaches the dickhead some manners.
  8. A biatch slap accross the face would have been better for this little biatch.

    I would have piped up and said something, then if he responded with a smartass comment, then I would slap the bastard.
  9. Its quite simple really, If you cant say something nice about someone,
    Keep your F#!@@^&*%$ing mouth shut.
  10. Maybe the downy should have been at home on a leash.

    ....ducks the slaps. :LOL:
  11. Tsk tsk

    bloody football hooligans :LOL:

    The bloke who got hit is a bloody nancy for going to court over it though. I suppose he'd want something out of it... i mean he'd have nothing more to live for, he got beat up without a punch getting thrown...
  12. Should have given the Turkey a "Turkey Slap"
  13. which is what?
  14. Having seen the difference between what happens and what the charges laid can be I would be a little carful to draw judgment.
    Did the defendant just turn around and slap the guy with no warning? Or did he turn around and say something then cop an earful of abuse from the guy he assaulted then backhand him?
    We simply don’t know from what was presented.
    If he just said something to put the guy in his place then copped abuse from the guy remorselessly then I say good on him. If he just backhanded him without warning I think that is a bit rough.
    But we don’t really know do we.
  15. A man takes ones appendage and slaps the other accross the face with it! lol
  16. EW

    Sorry i asked!
  17. Eve, you've gotta admit that it would be funny to see that happen at the footy.
  18. i think that depends on who's whipping it out.

    some things are better left.. covered.
  19. Funnier than watching a fight.