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Would you do it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar3, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    It seems alot of members have a very gung ho attitude towards 'hittin dat' and thats cool =D> I have a question

    You meet a girl (or guy), really get on well and so on, this guy/girl has a bf/gf but still DTF

    would you?

    :beer: discuss.

  2. Dont let her touched your unwrapped wee wee.

    Or in 2 days it will hurt to pee pee.
  3. A few scenarios:

    1. If they have a gf/bf and are still DTF then you'd think the incumbent relationship isn't serious otherwise they wouldn't be DTF or would they...?
    2. Just tap that thing
    3. No just don't tap that thing
    4. How desperate are you?

    The latest posts in the random girl thread which you probably got the idea from is a different scenario as you are abroad on a holiday in a foreign country so the playing field is different than at home.
  4. rofl!
  5. Oh wow my grammar is fantastic. Anyways, I was in a similar situation, except the girl told me she was single. Apart from the unpleasantness of contracting a urinary tract infection, you are going to be caught up in a web. If she has a BF, but still sleeping around, you need to ask why. Is she seeing a lot of guys and using them as tools to manipulate the BF? If you end up in that web of soap opera BS then that short term warm slurpy feeling in your crotch just wont seem worth it.
  6. It's not about me, im asking would you do it?

    I've done it, didn't know about the bf, found out, I convinced myself i wasn't doing anything wrong etc etc of course it didn't last much longer. I wouldn't do it again.

    LOL at gssxer!
  7. We all know Goz would

    He'd even 'toss her salad' too!!

    Fo Shuh Dawg!
  8. I wouldn't do it - I just find it disrespectful to the umpteenth degree.

    I have in the past when visiting friends found they were not home just the wife or gf

    I would wait outside for the guy to come home before I went into the house - I did this out of respect or come back another time rather than wait inside the house for him

    but hey who am I too judge others -- no one with no right too
  9. Every hole's a goal.

    If it has a heartbeat, it has potential.
  10. Nope, and the moment I found out she'd be cheating on some other bloke, the attraction would fade REAL quick.
    I'd wanna punch my own head in the next day...
  11. got the terminology wrong, if you are 'hittin dat', it will get all bruised (bondage maybe)

    its tappin that

    and to answer your question, if she wants to be a slut and tap behind her bf's back, then why are u to blame?
  12. nope.

    cus she'll probably do the same to you with the next guy she meets and gets on well with.

    disagree. assuming you know she has a boyfriend you have some moral responsibility, no?

    though, i guess, since it's you, goz, get it anyway you can, huh....lol
  13. In my naughty days, I slept in most "scenarios", sisters, mother + daughter 'combo' (same time), multiple girls, blah blah. It was a fall back from working in a tattoo shop that then seeing any of the girls who came in 'out', it was kind of more than too easy to pick them up, I guess the modern "jersey shore" term is, they were DTF heh. I placed a number from rough guessing to 300+ in a couple years, not something I want to put on my resume, just something that's happened in the past. Just like I've broken my arm playing soccer in primary school, cut the top off my finger off during my boxing days so I missed fighting in tassie due to winning a few bouts (never went back, took soooo long to heal and I lost the motivation to keep training all the time) and whatever else. (Original question, I knew some chicks had partners, didn't stop me, no one ever tried to cut off my crown jewels and stuff.) Oh, memory, a couple guys 'had a go at me' asking why I picked up their gf, but those actual times, I never knew they had a partner. Maybe I was just too gung ho and never asked DTF girls if they had a partner back then, it's a bit hard to think of what to ask when you're doing the do with a girl I guess, as in talking, 'picking up' then actually leaving whatever premises.. Rest is history

    Luckily, my pee pee never hurt to wee wee and what not, I'm too busy being a proud dad to have time to find DTF girls these days, oh and my wife knows my history, she met me a few years after the tattoo shop stuff, so she wasn't another 'groupie' heh

  14. those days are over bud, happily married now but dosnt hurt to save a few lookers for the wank bank :)

  15. Respect for the other bloke, would you want it to happen to you?
    Even if he never found out it would not sit well with me.
  16. Depends who the other bloke is. There's one or two I'd happily shoot in the pelvis with a soft nosed bullet, but I'm more likely to get away with tapping their other half instead.

    Disinclined to do it to a stranger, though, if only for reasons of self preservation.

    But that would assume I was single. Which I'm not. So I wouldn't.
  17. (opposite way)
    if it did happen to me then the blokes done me a favour, proved to me she isnt loyal, id shake his hand, tell him thanks, and give her the marching orders
  18. +1 on that.
  19. This makes for a interesting question that is an extension of the original one

    would you tell the guy if you knew him that his gf/wife etc hit on you or offered it up ?

    personally I am in two minds

    I would reject the offer


    telling him shows my respect for the guy ( as I would like this to be told to me )

    not telling avoids being the cause ( innocently ) of lots of issues in someone elses relationship
  20. Interesting =D>

    Personally, there are a few ways to think about i reckon

    1, she'll find someone that is willing to hit / tap that if you are not

    2, you're not some doctor to go around saving relationships, if she's DTF the r'ship is doomed anyway, might as well go for it

    I feel i learned alot from the cheating wiminz i've encountered, lying and manipulative beings that they were.

    If you have, has it affected you as it has affected me in this regard. I basically feel that any girl will cheat no matter what she says, the image she portrays, her background etc etc, i feel that in the right circumstances those panties come off mighty easy.

    Yay or nay?