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NSW Would you cop a fine for this?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mav, May 20, 2011.

  1. You are on your P's.
    You are doing 70 in a 70 zone.
    4WD speeds past you, and as they pass level with you, speed camera behind you flashes.

    Will the 4WD driver only get nabbed or will you be sent one as well cos you're in the photo and therefore "must be" speeding as well?

    How accurate are they in determining who is doing the actual speeding?
  2. Not sure if i'm correct in saying this, but don't they take 2 photos over a short space to confirm wether you're actually going above the speed limit? So if you weren't speeding you'd only be present in one of them?
  3. AFAIK if there is doubt in which vehicle was the one which triggered the speed camera, they throw it out.

    Fixed, permanent cameras take two photos, which would show which vehicle was moving faster than the other thanks to the painted lines on the road being a reference scale.
  4. Speeding is an offence, albeit a strict liability offence. To convict you of an offence, it must be proved that you committed the offence. So, if plod is unable to prove that you were speeding, you can't be fined, simple.
  5. My understanding is the fine details printed on the picture and notice identify the lane targeted. Either way you wont have a problem.
  6. generally these days they know which lane is speeding.

    A fixed camera has separate sensors in the road.

    not sure how the mobile radar ones do it, but they can lol
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't worry, the system can tell in which lane the speeder was.
  8. All you can really do is wait and see if if a bluey arrives in the mail.
  9. My car got flashed recently on a multi lane road. I wasn't driving but as a courtesy I went to view the pic which was a pic only of my car and only one lane. However that was from a fixed camera so mobiles may be different.

    My understanding is that there is a screening process so that if the pic shows multiple vehicles they tend not to use it even though they say that they know which vehicle was the one which caused the pic.
  10. [VIC] More likely that they showed you the cropped version of the picture. If ever you go to view a picture, you must ask to view the original , or they will show the cropped picture that supports their claim. Yes, they crop the picture down to one vehicle. The original will have shown all lanes that the camera is monitoring.
  11. Really? Fark, they really are out to get us...(by us, I mean the general public).
  12. Its quite readily apparent that both of you were hooning and street racing,

    Your car is going to be confiscated and crushed and your license burnt to ashes till the year 2015,
    You evidently have no regard for week old kittens and small children...[-(

    she'll be apples mate, (y) ... dont sweat it!
  13. same thing happened to my father, he got a fine, the advice he got from the cops was to pay because it is cheaper than fighting it. This was a few years back though.
  14. And that is the real issue here. We live in a society based on the rule of law which holds use innocent until proven guilty. And then we have speed cameras which seem to exist under their own constitution. We aren't all Paul Keatings.
  15. thanks guys, very reassuring comments

    i'll now only be keeping a casual eye out for a bluey in the mail :)
  16. dont wait to long cause u wont get it