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would you buy this, or think its a good deal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. so yeah, as the name suggests, would you think its worth a look? if i had another three grand, and i was on my full licence, i would borrow my mates ute and seriously leave tomorrow. but im on my p's for another 4 months, and the money will take a little bit to organise, but i'd still do it. i know the risks of buying a repaired write off, my current bike is, and i had a little teething trouble with it, but nothing i couldnt fix.
    has anyone dealt or heard of dealings with this bloke in the past?
    and i even love the colour...


    feedback and thoughts would be very much appreciated!!

  2. It looks worth checking out to me. The seller has been honest enough to explain the history and include pics etc, so i'd say that he's prolly a fair dinkum-ish guy. It would've been easy for him to simply hide it and not make any mention of it.
    He's stated that he's not the original owner thou, so that's something to keep in mind.. Even though the current seller might turn out to be OK, you'll never really know what the bike has been through, coming from an auction and all...

    Obviously it's been down the road, but it looks like a smallish slide, as the rash isn't too bad. Perhaps it came to a sudden stop thou, and that could be a problem in terms of structural damage. But you'll never know, till you look in person.

    Perhaps maybe have a chat to the seller. I often find that you can get a

    solid impression about someone just from talking to them, even better if you can have a yarn in person.

    Take a few mates with you, and extra set of eyes never goes astray when looking for problems.

    Look for areas on the bike that have been touched/worked on. Easy way to tell is by checking screws, nut's bolts etc. They will have some kind of mark on them if they have had a spanner to them at any point. So you can generally tell if it's been dismantled to any degree, or the donk has been out of it for any reason...

    If the damage is only as stated, it is a very, very good buy.

    And I can vouch for the firestorms... :cool:

    Only thing i can see is that seller has stated that it is still on it's original tires. Mine came fitted with Bridgestones from new, and I understand that they all do. This one appears to have a Michelin Pilot Road fitted on the rear now. It's a different make to the front anyhow....
    Front appears to be OEM still.

    Just my 2cents..
  3. i'd say that he himself replaced the tyre to sell, as there wouldnt be much tread left on the rear after 7odd thousand k's

    if i hadnt just bought my storm i would cincider that, as said he has been pretty up front about the repairs, and the bike is looking pretty spick now, if you really are concidering making this purchase, get someone who knows how the bikes feel to take the bike for a test so they can stress any concerns they might have

    the storms are a brilliant bike, and its a very reasonable price given that there wasn't any real significant damage, but then you also need to ask, with what is said what made the bike a repairable write off i dont think there was enough damage to justify it being one