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Would you buy this bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by v-petn, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I looked at an 05 gsxr750 with over 50000kms on it... The body and everything seems in good nick but the bike is over heating... The fan is not kicking in and I heard the coolant bubbling... the temp reached 117c and still no fan... is it worth buying this bike at a cheap price or could i be in for a lot of money? I mean fixing the fan shouldn't cost too much but i'm more concern about how long the over heating has been going on for and whether there is any engine damage.
  2. It is bound to have a warped cylinder head. How cheap?
  3. Ask the owner to get the fan fixed first before you commit. Chances are that is all that there is wrong with the bike, and you end up with a cheap bike and the confidence of knowing that all is well. If he's fair dinkum he won't mind getting that done.

    If he um's and ah's and generally shows reluctance to do the repair, then avoid the bike. He obviously knows that it's something more serious than just the relay controlling the fan (of a small piece of gravel stuck in the blades like someone I know had happen) and you'll know straight away whether it's on the up and up or not.
  4. I'd be suspicious. If it's just the fan or the thermo, then he could fix it cheap himself. So why doesn't he?

    And what does he/you mean by a 'cheap price'??
  5. And that is the question!
    Would need to check the thermostat + could be a wire, so would check the fan and grounded it to the battery, if the fan spins.. would have to be the thermo.
    Other option, I would hard wire the fan to a switch, and manually control.
    I wouldnt think its not to much of shit to get a fan to work (and the manual way is a great safe guard), but price factor first!
  6. 6300 is the price.. .but rego is almost finished and front tyre needs to be replaced. no service history
  7. a suzuki? no chance, u can buy it
  8. I would not buy that bike.
  9. Tell im his dreamin'
  10. In direct answer to your question, no.
  11. I would be more worried about any damage allready done if it has overheated rather than repair costs on the fan
  12. Thanks guys... I thought as much.... just needed to get a few opinion... It looks great but yeah it's doesn;t sound like it's worth it
  13. Other bikes will come your way. Save your pennies for something with at least a service history.
  14. Head Gasket?

    Dave d.
  15. No, do not buy it.
  16. Always be wary of something thats been boiled but a couple of times might not be the end (I've boiled my burnout car 4 times and it runs 100%, but that does have cast block and heads).

    Check the oil colour that always tells the story - if its black as all shit and smells burnt thats a good sign that its been boiled alot. If it looks normal - caramal coloured thats a good sign. If it looks like new (extremely clear) he's just changed it so disregard that, hes probably trying to cover it up) Make him fix the fan and take it for a ride.

    Headgasket, check for water coming out the exhaust, milky coloured oil or milky coloured water. If you can get the radiator cap off (not the plastic bottle) run it and see if its "puffing" air or water out of it? Check for hunting at idle (revs flare up and down at idle more than 100 or so RPM).

    what year is this gixxer? Tell him it's totally ****ed and offer him half what he's asking??
  17. Nother vote to save your pennies. It could be a brilliant buy, but it could also be a rather expensive venture to get into. So I guess the question is...

    Hahaha. But seriously, theres some nice stuff out there for around the 5~6k mark. Check out the older litre-bikes and 5y/o 600's, hell even some of the sports-tourers from any manufacturer in the last decade.

    The worlds your oyster if you've got 5k to blow.

    Cheers - boingk
  18. it's a 2005 gsxr... and i'm not gonna buy it... it does like a good buy if it'd just the fan... but it could be more than that and i won't have the funds to fix the engine if it's rooted...

    so yeah, gonna look at other bikes... rather be safe than sorry...