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Would you buy the same again?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by powerd, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. If your beloved bike was written off though no fault of it or me, would you buy the same bike again?

    I am in that situation. I loved my Triumph Sprint ST, but it is in the process of being written off.

    And while I really like the bike, and have even found one in just the right colour(red of course) to replace it, I am something of an automotive tart. I have never bought the same car or bike consequetively, or even the same brand.

    I would be very happy with another Sprint, since it did everything I needed it to do and it had real character and a glorious sound. But the grass looks greener over the other side of the fence.........

    What would you do?
  2. new bike...you can always go back to the old favourite years down the track when you've got money/time spare to have a small collection of toys ...in saying that - you could purchase a bike and find yourself hating it for whatever reason after a month or so...it's always a risk
  3. I don't think I'd buy the same bike again (no issues with the same brand), unless it's smashed in the first week or so. I do have a list of bikes I'd like to own/ride before I die - so I'll just move to the next.
  4. ^^ that.
    i have a list to work through too
  5. I'd ride everything I could and buy the one I liked most. If it was the same as the one that was written off then so be it.
  6. Hellll no. Love my bike but it has served its purpose of getting me off the starting line. Still on a restricted licence so would just go for one of the more "interesting" LAMS bikes.
  7. I did buy the same bike. I fully expected to try something else, but in the end I felt cheated by not being able to fulfill the experience of the original, so I replaced it, like for like.
    It's one thing to choose to change, it's another to have the choice forced upon you IMO.
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  8. Narp. I've got a late model SR400 that I've put so much money into I don't even want to think about it. Thousands of dollars worth of suspension (Swingarm, Ohlins, Damper etc) and thousands of dollars of cosmetics (frame mods, rearsets, wiring) and nearly $5000.00 on an engine, that although absolutely amazing, probably isn't worth it at the end of the day. Going to sell it now and I'll get a quarter of what I've put into it, if I'm lucky. I've learnt that if you want a faster bike, you just go out and buy it. But I'd probably do it again. Something satisfying about the whole process.

    I'm always jealous of people that don't get attached to one bike and have a new one every couple of years. Wish I could do that.
  9. I didn't. Did my sums and to replace the bike and do the mods I'd done (over 4 years) it was the same as a buying higher spec bike.
  10. I think once you've gotten older, ridden lots of different bikes and had a lot of experience, then the question becomes a little easier to answer. As others have noted, the time to sample is when you're young, the time to settle with what you know suits your riding best comes later. Yes, I'd buy the same again and I have.
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  11. If I found another bike that feels right, I'd change if I were in your shoes; where the old bike is all but scrap, and had a payout which would go towards another bike that feels just as good if not better.

    I had the dilemma with cars before I started riding.. grew somewhat attached to the car I had at the time, knew how it handled, what the limits were, how it behaved.... then as fate would have it, the car was written off, and with the money I got back, I could either get the same one back, or put a little bit more in, and get something newer and better. Although I found the exact same make, model and colour.. it just wasn't my original car. A little bit of superstition crept on me, before I decided to get different car. Now I love this one more than I did the other one!

    It took a little getting used to, but 8 years later, I still drive the Type R :grin: .. albeit a lot less frequently now I have my Gixxer!
  12. That about nails it for me. Get to a point where you realise that the fun is in riding, not what you ride. There is much pleasure in riding something that has become virtually an extension of yourself, that you have learnt to feel the tiniest amount of feedback, and every unique noise and vibration that the bike produces. You only get that from spending time behind the bars and covering thousands of kms on it. Over years, not months. My bikes are not insured, and I've rebuilt them after drops that would have written them off, so in effect, I've bought the same bike again on a few occasions.
  13. Interesting, guys.

    I think I am in the camp of the mature rider who knows what they want. It is not an outright sports bike, not a flabby tourer or a heavier sports tourer such as the FJR or 1400GTR or, heaven forbid, cruiser! :) And the Triumph filsl my needs so well. I might like a bit more protection, or more comfort or whatever, but I have discovered what people mean by "character".

    So, for the first time, I might be willing to buy the same again. Plus it means I won't have to fork out much extra dough, just the insurance payout, which is a real plus since I am losing a week or two's income!

    Thanks for the comments
  14. Hmmm...I love my VFR800 but if I had to buy again I would seriously have to consider either the VFR1200X, the F800R or the Z1000ABS. I quite like the Street Triple but I'm still not convinced about Triumph build quality. (I'd really like an HP2 Sport but I'm not spending that much money on a bike!)
  15. Would I buy another TDM? Absolutely...

    BUT, I would move to another dual purpose with shaft drive..
    Because I'm getting lazy with chain adjustments/replacements.... :p
  16. I'm in the LAMs period, and can't think of a better bike than my dear CB400... I'll be lucky if I'm riding the wheels off it in the next year, and after the little four day tour it gave me through Victoria's alpine country, I hate to think of how much better it could be...
  17. It would have to be an awesome bike.
  18. If it was still 2001 i would replace it with the same bike, same colour and same mods in a heatbeat. If my VTR1000 hit the road or got stolen (god forbid) today i'd probably put the money towards a Vfr800.
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  19. If I needed a bike in a hurry to do the same duty as my current DR650 (basically wearing a groove in the road between home and work 5 days a week) I'd almost certainly be buying another DR because nothing else is likely to be significantly better in the cost/function/availability stakes. $7.5k OTR, dirt cheap running costs, slices through traffic and I can get one off the showroom floor tomorrow.

    OTOH, depending on how I'm fixed financially when the DR wears out in 2-3 years, its successor may be something a little more exotic. I'm leaning H-D XR1200wards at the moment for a daily ride but might yet change my mind.
  20. I'd probably go take a used XR650L for a test ride and a new DR650SE for a test ride. I might buy the XR. But I'd probably buy another DR650.